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There is a wide variety of Chuggington DVDs from around the world.

British Releases

Let's Ride the Rails!


Action Stations


Wheels to the Rails


  • The Jigsaw Game
  • Wheres Wilson?

Chuggers on Safari


It's Training Time


  • Exclusive Online Game - "Trains Spotting!"

That's the Ticket

Traintastic Crew

Rattling Rivets



Icy Escapades


Chugger of the Year


Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue


Chuggineers: Ready to Build


Turbo Charged Chugger!


The Brewster Booster Bumper Collection

Other British Releases

Chuggington Storytime CD

Audio Book Versions of:

Traintastic Crew (Storybook Set Extra)


Let's Ride the Rails

  • Braking Brewster
  • Clunky Wilson
  • Can't Catch Koko
  • Old Puffer Pete's Tour
  • Koko on Call
  • Hodge and the Magnet

Chuggers to the Rescue

  • Jet Pack Wilson
  • Brewster to the Rescue
  • Wilson And the Wild Wind
  • Zephie Ace Reporter
  • Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
  • Action Brewster

It's Training Time

  • Training Time Harrison
  • Wilson Gets a Wash
  • Koko and the Tunnel
  • Watch Out Wilson!
  • Wilson's Smooth Moves
  • Eddie Finds Time

The Chugger Championship

  • The Chugger Championship
  • Helpful Hodge
  • Cool Wilson
  • Brewster's Hobby
  • Wake Up Wilson
  • Koko Pulls It Off

Brewster's Little Helper

  • Brewster's little Helper
  • Koko Takes Charge
  • Zephie's Zoomaround
  • Brewster Knows Best
  • Nurse Wilson
  • Wilson and the Paint Wagon

Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair

  • Wilson and the Ice Cream
  • Frostini's Fruit Fandango
  • Bang Klang Wilson
  • Frostini's Meltdown
  • Koko's Puppy Training
  • Brewster and the Dragon

Traintastic Adventures

  • The Brewster Booster
  • Koko's New Look
  • Lights, Camera, Action Chugger
  • Wilson and the Steam Team
  • Stunt Brewster
  • Hodge and the Chugnav

Icy Escpades

  • Chilly Chuggers
  • Snowstruck Wilson
  • Wilson's Icy Escapade
  • Heave Ho Harrison
  • Hodge Sails Away
  • Rolling Reporter Wilson

Safari Adventures

  • Koko and the Squirrels
  • Brewster Goes Bananas
  • Wilson and the Elephant
  • Zephie's Monkey Business
  • Mtambo's Royal Tour
  • Chug O Flage

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue

  • Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue
    • Rescue at Rocky Ridge
    • Wilson's Forest Flare
  • Skylar's Squad
  • Brewster's Crane Training
  • Wobbly Wheels
  • Wilson's Paper Trail

Special Helper Wilson

  • Special Helper Wilson
  • Puffer Pete's Big Show
  • Famous Emery
  • Quizmaster Hodge
  • Hoot vs. Toot
  • Next Stop, Space! 

Chief Wilson

  • Chief Wilson
  • Magnetic Wilson
  • Undercover Action Chugger
  • Stop Koko Stop
  • Chugger of the Year
  • Wilson's Wacky Tour

Brewster Leads the Way

  • Brewster Leads the Way
  • Track Laying Brewster
  • Poor Old Puffer Pete
  • Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
  • Babysitter Brewster
  • Brewster Meets the Mayor

Explorer Koko

  • Explorer Koko
  • Koko's Game


DVD Cases

Other Countries

The DVDs are also manufactured in another countries and languages.

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