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Curvy Crest is a small line situated in an on the Yellow Line. It is one of the busiest lines in Chuggington, and is used as a shortcut along the main passenger line.

Being constructed by Brewster (with assistance from Koko), the line begins at Checker Junction, passes by a large tree (the oldest tree in Chuggington, in fact), and possibly finishes at a junction between it and the passenger line as it is separate from it. The line was originally designed to feature large curves all around (hence the name) but was ultimately kept standard so that the curved tracks could move around the large tree.


No specific chuggers are known to run the line. However, as it is along the passenger run, it can be assumed that all passenger chuggers stop at the main station.


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  • In the fourth and fifth seasons, there was a different track line starting from the left track lane of the station. It was rebuilt by the Chuggineers in the sixth season to form the current Curvy Crest line.