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“Uh, Koko, I don't think you're going to make it."
"But I have to try.”
―Brewster and Koko

Couriers is the second episode of the second part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the twenty-eighth episode overall.


Brewster and Koko head to the depot to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "courier" badges. Each of them has to deliver 3 packages before 5:00. On her way, Koko runs into a broken switch, making her go the long way around to the first destination. Brewster's first delivery was a special magic wand for the Magnificent Mysterioso and quickly ran away after the joke he made.

Koko finally made it with some parts for Eddie. She suddenly blurted out about the broken switch, immanently concerning Eddie to check it out. Koko does so but worries that she won't finish her badge on time. Brewster was soon on his last box, with Koko currently on her second. She had one box for the City and the last for Dr. Ling. Feeling bad, Brewster offers to take the package to the City has that's where his last delivery is at. And so, Brewster went to Chug Town and gave both boxes, and Koko went to the Repair Shed and gave the parts for Dr. Ling.

The trainees went back to the Depot to meet Vee to earn their "courier" badges. Although Koko felt bad since she didn't deliver 3 packages, she got Eddie to fix the switch, which counted as a delivery.


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  • This marks the final final physical appearance of the Maginificent Mysterioso in the series.
  • This marks Dr. Ling's first and only appearance in the Chuggington: Badge Quest series. This also marks her final appearance overall until the fifth season episode, Koko Express.


  • In the US credits, Meg Kubota is not credited for voicing Dr. Ling.
  • In the shot of Koko in the tunnel, her boxcar is of the wrong colour.

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