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Located in rural Chuggington is an intersection in which the Green Line and the Blue Line cross over each other. However, it is regularly accessed through all four of them, thus being one of the most commonly seen locations in Chuggington.

Koko once had an accident here, causing Chatsworth's coupler to be crushed by a set of bumpers.[2] Hoot and Toot also nearly had a collision with Decka at the intersection. [3]

In the autumn, pumpkins are grown here.[4][5]




Chuggington: Badge Quest


  • Many episodes in seasons 1-5 depict a lake near the intersection. In some episodes, however, the lake is missing. In general, the landscape around the intersection has been depicted very inconsistently during the series' run; the amount of trees and fences at the location varies by episode. It is possible that there are multiple near-identical intersections in Chuggington, but that has not been confirmed.
  • The location is depicted with a platform and several Vee poles sparodically throughout the series.
  • The overhead lights at the intersection have often been removed to make way for objects that will not clear it (such as the bridge sections seen in Fletch Shines).
  • Multiple modifications of the set appear in the show. These include the Water Tower Intersection, Forest Intersection, Spur Line Intersection and the High Mountain Pass Junction and Intersection.