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“Cormac Patrol, ready to roll!”

Cormac Patrol is the third episode of the fifth season.



Cormac finds himself with nothing to do until the Chug Patrollers need rescuing.


Howie announces to everyone in the Working Wheels Yard that the Docks will be closing for the day. Upon hearing this from Emery, Cormac finds himself with nothing to do. He decides to sort out the Drop and Load Yard while Zephie watches, but he still feels the need to make himself useful.

Meanwhile, the Chug Patrollers are planning a rescue drill in the event that a stranded or lost chugger could not communicate with them. Wilson turns his Chug-Com off while he leaves to hide; the rest of the team goes to Rocky Ridge Quarry to look for him when they are suddenly trapped by an avalanche caused by a sudden storm.

Emery takes Cormac to the Depot where yet again, Cormac struggles to find any work. Emery suggests helping the Chug Patrollers, and Cormac heads to CPHQ, only to find it empty. Suddenly, Jackman contacts Chug Command, and explains the situation to Cormac. He soon heads off to the rescue, but not after Jackman suggest finding the Chuggineers to bring cranes.

After arriving at the accident site, Cormac attempts to use his prongs to move the fallen rocks but is too weak to move them himself. Then, he spots a massive shovel sitting in a siding, which he takes control of and quickly moves the rocks away. The Chug Patrollers congratulate him- including a bit of an annoyed Wilson, who had been counting for over four thousand seconds; Cormac is just glad that he was able to make use of himself that day.


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  • This episode marks the only appearances of Zephie and Piper in the fifth season. Additionally, they, along with Action Chugger are the only chuggers to not have a speaking role in the aforementioned season.
  • This is the first episode where Olwin is voiced by Bernice Stegers in the American dub, taking over from Margaret Robertson.
  • Old Puffer Pete's lines in this episode are reused from the fourth season episodes, Chief Wilson and High Rise Rescue.
  • This is the only episode where the title is read aloud by Calley.