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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.

“Made you look! Made you steer! Made you nearly change a gear!”
―Emery after tricking Wilson

Clunky Wilson is the ninth episode of the first season.


Wilson hears a strange noise coming from the Repair Shed, so Emery tells the trainees that Old Puffer Pete was in there for a whole week and had his wheels and pulleys removed for repairs, which frightens Wilson.

The trainees have a race around the depot, which Wilson wins. But, Wilson hits the buffers at the end of the track and quickly starts to shake and rattle. Emery teases Wilson and suggests having his wheels removed for repairs, but Wilson tells Emery that he is fine. After the trainees collect box cars from Dunbar to take to Felix the Farmer, they meet Vee. Wilson hopes they're going through the Blue tunnel while Koko thinks it's Red, but it's the Green tunnel. While going through the tunnel, Wilson rattles and shakes even more.

Once they're at the farm, Koko collects the eggs, Brewster takes the vegetables, and Wilson takes the cream - and Felix inside his van. But, because of Wilson's rattles and shakes, Felix has a bumpy ride to the market. Afterward, Koko and Brewster decide to take Wilson to the Repair Shed. Wilson arrives at the Repair Shed, and Morgan examines him (with the rotator) - it turns out that Wilson had only broken a suspension spring when he hit the buffers. Once Wilson is mended, he joins Brewster and Koko to go back to the market. At the market, Felix tells Wilson that his cream was butter because of the rattling and shaking earlier, so he gives Wilson his first prize rosette in the butter competition.


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  • This marks the final episode to be co-written by Kate Fawkes.
  • As shown in concept art, Clunky Wilson was the second Chuggington episode ever produced. This is also evident in the episode; the Repair Shed has a different prototype exterior, and prototype switches are seen in some scenes.
  • Going by the European airing order, this is the third episode of the first season.
  • Morgan makes a reference to the Joe Turner song "Shake, Rattle and Roll" when examining Wilson.


  • Bumpers were added in the middle of Roundhouse Park specifically for Wilson to bump into them. Because of this, the bumpers clip through the rails and the tracks continue onwards beyond the bumpers.
  • The buildings in the background change positions in-between shots of Wilson and Koko at the bumpers.
  • Dunbar disappears when the trainees leave the Loading Yard.
  • When the trainees leave, they are all on one track, but when they are in the tunnel, Brewster is on the track beside it.
  • When the trainees meet Emery on their way to the Loading Yard, the track leading to the Roundhouses is blocked by a set of bumpers.
  • When Wilson exits the Repair Shed, Brewster's training plaque is missing and his coupling is misaligned.
  • When Brewster says "That sounds amazing", the roof of Platform 6 is mistakenly coloured red.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Bruno, le roi de la glisse
German Wilson traut sich nicht
Japanese ウィルソンと修理工場
Polish Rozklekotany Wilson
Spanish Wilson Ruidoso (Latin America)

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