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Chuggington Wooden Railway was a range of toys manufactured by Learning Curve, and later TOMY when the company was bought by the latter. The trains were made out of both wood and plastic. First produced in 2011, the line was discontinued in 2016.


Rolling Stock

  • Musical Car
  • Safari Cars
  • Rescue Cars
  • Quarry Cars
  • Fuel Cars
  • Monkey Cars
  • Dino and Camera Cars
  • Action Chugger Mobile Command Car

Special Collectible Engines

Talking Engines

  • Talking Wilson (with Working Headlight)
  • Talking Brewster (with Working Headlight)
  • Talking Koko (with Working Headlight)



Track Packs

  • Chuggington Track Pack
  • Track Accessory Pack (with Vee)
  • Elevated Track Pack
  • Wobbly Track
  • Straight & Curved Track Pack
  • Expansion Track Pack
  • Deluxe 7-in-1 Track Pack


  • "Let's Ride the Rails" Playtable
  • Felt Play Mat


  • Calley's Rescue Set had another version that also included Brewster.
  • The Beginner's Set had another version that came with Koko instead of Brewster.
  • Masterminds Toys Canada were the first store to sell the range in the world.
  • Learning Curve only manufactured the line for half a year before being bought by TOMY in 2011. As a result, items with the Learning Curve logo are considered somewhat rare.
  • The talking engines had different facial expressions from their normal models and lacked front magnets. They also had glowing headlights and three unique phrases.


  • Nearly every model had six wheels, making them inaccurate to their appearance in the television series, as almost every chugger has eight wheels in the television series.
  • Toot has Hoot's face.
  • In the first volume of the Chuggers Guide, the Chug Wash is spelled as 'Chugg Wash.'
  • The box for Fletch and Welder Wagon misspells 'wagon' as 'wagonf.'
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