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Wikia users, Rudhly D and Steam Oddity, got in contact with former Chuggington voice actor, Toby Baddeley via Instagram DMs for an exclusive new interview, here on the Chuggington Wikia!

1. How were you casted for the voice of Brewster for S4 and did you ever come in contact with Charlie George? (Brewster's original VA)

I had to do a voice test/ audition at the recording studio in Soho in London. And then maybe a couple of days later I got a call saying I had the role. I never met Charlie George, but I took over the role because his voice broke.

2. As you have mentioned before, you changed your name to "Baddeley" to prevent confusion from another actor. What was the reaction to the production crew after making the big decision?

I don't think there was much of a reaction tbh [to be honest]. Also I was very young when I recoreded chuggington, it was a long time ago so my memory isn't amazing.

3. I'm sure you've heard of the series' revival of its Season 6. What are your opinions on it and their new story format?

tbh I haven't heard about it until you told me. My only thoughts on it, is why they haven’t cast me again 😂 what's their new story format?

4. Did you have any favourite episodes and/or characters?

Brewster of course ahah I don't have a favourite episode but I very much enjoyed recording the chuggineer rap.

5. Now older, what other productions have you previously worked on?

I’ve done a lot of voiceover adverts and dubbing for Netflix. I was in the film On Angles Wings with Michael Gambon. It's a children's short Christmas film. You can look it up online, I think it's on Netflix too.

6. How was it like to work with the cast and crew members back then?

When we recorded episodes, we did it separately, without the other actors, I never really met them properly. But the directors and sound engineer were lovely.

7. If you ever had the opportunity to be asked to voice Brewster again for any reason, would you continue?

Yes I would definitely accept the opportunity to play Brewster again. But my voice is too deep now I think. I'd love to play another character though.

We would like to thank Toby Baddeley for his time and patience during this interview. We are so excited to have started this opportunity and we hope for more in the future.

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