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These are the guidelines you are to follow to form our articles.

Language and Spelling

This wiki generally caters towards British language and grammar. However, with the amount of non-British users on the wiki, you will not be penalised for using American spelling and grammar. For example, The Coloured Tunnels and words such as "favorite" will be spelt with an extra "U"- "favourite".

The wiki also generally uses the standard "school paper" form, meaning that words such as "don't" or "like" will be changed to "do not" and "such as". This does not apply to direct quotations. Despite this, still using words such as "don't" will not result in being penalised.

Character Info Box Images

Character info box images must show the reader who the character is. Info box images are generally cropped episode screenshots. If a good screenshot does not exist for a character, a promotional image is acceptable.

If you have an image that you feel fits the page better, contact a member of staff or discuss it on the discussion board.

Establishing Roles

When characters are listed on an episode page, some are coupled with either "(does not speak)", "(cameo)", "(mentioned)" or "(not seen)". A "cameo" is when a character only appears briefly nor are they referred to. A "does not speak" role is when a character appears and plays a minor to significant role in an episode, but have no dialogue; things such as grunts or screams do not necessarily mean that a character has a speaking role. For example, in Tai Tracks, Asher is seen screaming on a turntable, but never actually says anything; this warrants a "does not speak" role. When a character is mentioned, they are simply referred to by a character in an episode but never appear. A "not seen" role is when a character is heard but never seen on screen. For example, in The Royal Chugger and The Zephie Express, Dunbar's horn is heard, but the character himself never appears. This warrants (not seen).

There is also an order in which we list characters. This goes as follows:

  • Chuggers (by order of introduction)
  • Humans (by order of introduction)
  • Characters who do not speak
  • Characters who cameo
  • Characters who are not seen
  • Characters who are mentioned


Due to the fact that galleries are undergoing a major overhaul, some things may not apply for some time.

When adding galleries, make sure that it is centered. No more than ten images from each season should be added to a character gallery. Minor characters are exceptions to this rule. Similar images with different cropping and other minor differences should only have one included on a character gallery.

With few exceptions, galleries are to follow this code:

<gallery position="center" captionalign="center" bordersize="none" spacing="small">

Most galleries are separated from main pages to keep things neat. If the main page has very little on it, a separate gallery page is not needed.

Galleries are organised as such when applicable:

==Chuggington: Badge Quest==
==Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!==
==Behind the Scenes==
==Promotional Material==
===Chuggington: Badge Quest===
===Discover Chuggington: All Aboard!===

If there is nothing having to do with an article on a certain section, it should be omitted.

When adding screencaptures (screenshots of episodes) you want to make sure that you get all shots from the episode. A helpful tip is to think about how the screencaptures will be reused on other pages (for example, adding two images for one shot, both showing different chuggers passing by.) Try and make screencaptures look presentable- what we mean is, do not take a screenshot when a character is blinking/has motion blur, if possible of course. As well as this, taking different screenshots of a character at the same angle with different expressions is not necessary.

Trivia and Goofs

Trivia sections are for unique facts about characters and locations. This includes names in other languages, production trivia and general fun facts. In character trivia sections, try and use the character's name as much as possible. For exmpale, instead of writing "He has a fear of heights, as revealed in Gold Rush", write something along the lines of "As revealed in Gold Rush, Brewster has a fear of heights".

Edit Summaries

While it is not essential to write an edit summary, it makes an admin's job easier when reviewing changes. For example, when adding a new info box image, you can simply write "new info box image." Do not try to keep making an edit when an admin keeps reverting it, as it clogs up version history. Additionally, please try and look at edit summaries when possible, as an admin may be warning you to not make a certain edit.

Stub Template

If a page is nothing more than a bit of text and a few images, it is a stub. If it is more than this, it is not, and thus does not require the sub template.


All pages need categories, but not all categories need to go on every page. Do not add categories carelessly, as it creates a lack of efficiency and organisation.


When writing biographies, write about the character's history in the past tense. If you want an example of this, check one of the main characters' pages. Locations do not always warrant a biography section. Additionally, the heading title should be "Biography" and not "Bio".

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