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“A mystery? Yes, it was a mystery alright. One that could only be solved by Chuggington's top detective. A chugger built for the shadows. And good thing, because shadows and darkness were all we had. Someone or something is stealing all the power from the lighthouse!”

Chuggington Noir is the twenty-fifth episode of the sixth season.



Chuggington is left in the dark when the lighthouse at the docks mysteriously goes out! But, where there's a mystery afoot, Detective Brewster is on the case!


Brewster is helping out at the Docks; simultaneously, Hodge and Eddie are fixing the carousel. Cormac arrives to pick up a new electric motor for his crane- ten times more powerful than his old one. After clearing the Docks to make way for an incoming ship, Brewster sees a thick fog approaching. Skipper Stu assures Brewster that the ship will be fine with the lighthouse, when suddenly, it goes out.

Eddie inspects the lighthouse but finds out that nothing is broken- the power has gone out. Brewster puts on his classical detective persona. Hodge volunteers to assist him, and the two set off.

When the two chuggers arrive at the Depot, Brewster gets distracted by a squirrel while Hodge notices that the lights are on in the Repair Shed. Hodge remembers that he was the only one who left everything inside on, and turns it all off. He then understands why Eddie always tells him to turn the lights off when he's done working.

Despite turning the Repair Shed off, Vee tells Brewster and Hodge that the lighthouse still isn't turning on. After reflecting on the situation again, Brewster tells Hodge that he's talking to the night, which causes Hodge to hear something coming from Roundhouse Park. It turned out that Hoot and Toot had started watching a film, but got distracted and left it on. Even after turning the movie off, the lighthouse still will not turn on- to make matters worse, the ship appears to be coming in early.

In a last-ditch effort, Brewster and Hodge turn everything off in Chuggington- but the lighthouse still stays off. Brewster begins to doubt his detective talent when Hodge notices a light coming from the Drop and Load Yard. It turned out that it was Cormac's new motor that was stealing all of the energy- after shouting at him multiple times, Brewster and Hodge get Cormac to turn the crane off- just in time, too, as the ship makes a sharp turn just in time to avoid the rocks.

Brewster reflects on the night's events, and he and Hodge head on home.


Rolling Stock[]






  • The title references the concept of film noir (French for "black film"), a genre of crime movies popular in the 1940s and 50s.
  • On the twenty-seventh of March, 2021, the dubbing track of this episode would be aired instead of the British dub.
  • The movie that Hoot and Toot were watching uses edited black and white stock footage from The Mighty Koko.


  • When Skipper Stu looks at the lighthouse from the control tower, he is not on the turntable's rails.