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The first annual Chuggington Day party

Chuggington Day is a national holiday first launched and commemerated in "Celebrate Chuggington". Launched by Mayor Pullman, the day is intended to "celebrate what a special place Chuggington is". To kick off the celebration, a variety of celebrations were held, including:

  • a new training program called "Train Together" was launched, focused on "the importance of working together and how much fun we can have when we do", which was marketed with a launch assignment between the Docks, the Quarry, and Safari Park,
  • a Treasure Hunt around Chuggington,
  • a party at Roundhouse Park,
  • and a special town statue commissioned for the occasion.

The celebrations encountered some problems as preparations were made, such as balloons accidently being released by Piper and the majority of the Town Statue getting demolished by a stray bowling ball. In the end, both were solved by the Trainees using elements of the wagons collected during the Treasure Hunt to make a new statue and Skipper Stu finding some extra balloons at the docks.


  • The brand campaign "Train Together" pins Chuggington Day as August 31st.