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This article is about the 2007 pilot. You may be looking for the 2D pilot.

The Chuggington 2007 Pilot is a two-minute test that was produced by Shanghai Motion Magic Digital to pitch the series to the BBC. The screening of the pilot was shown to in MIPCOM and it reached a grand success. The series was then later brought to air on CBeebies and Ludorum was set to produce their first of 52 episodes.


Calley and Old Puffer Pete were likely to appear.



  • Some early promotional images show slightly earlier versions of the design models.
    • Emery had smaller eyes with an inconsistent rate of sizes.
    • Old Puffer Pete had an open-ended cab in the back with the sides dipping downward.
    • The elevated tracks and rails would have small marks to show how long each piece was as well as the bottom having more depth rather than being flat.
    • The Depot is shown to have the Elevated Track go around the Coloured Tunnels.
  • The poster of Brewster in the Depot is used as a promotional poster for the stations and Chug Town in Chuggington.
  • The cover for the DVD, Let's Ride the Rails!, features the main promotional image for the pilot.
  • The test pilot was known to be two minutes long.


Promotional Material[]