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This article is about the video game. You may be looking for the DVD.

Chuggington: Traintastic Adventures is a game title released by Budge Studios on 26 December 2012 for iOS and Android devices.[1]

Chuggington: Traintastic Adventures received mixed reviews, being heavily criticized for its large amount of bugs, poor performance due to its large size, and the need to buy in-app purchases in order to complete the game. However, as of 2021, the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times[2] and is the most successful Chuggington game of all time, as well as one of the most successful games by Budge Studios, despite it not being listed on the official Chuggington website. It has also won several awards.



Wilson in Build and Play mode.

Chuggington: Traintastic Adventures is made up of several episodes in which the player drives specific chuggers and completes various tasks, such as getting to specific locations or orchestrating timed actions, including spreading sand on the tracks to stop a runaway Brewster, and dodging debris from Wilson while he is stranded mid-air. The game also includes a mode known as "Build and Play", where the player can place objects around the map to their own desire and drive the chuggers around without intervention.

To move a chugger, the player must drag an arrow to desired destination that the chugger will subsequently drive towards. However, crossing gates that are placed around the map which will often interrupt this action. The game also uses items, which include add-ons to chuggers such as jet packs or lamps, and rolling stock such as the fire car and hopper wagons. Most of these features are included in additional purchases for the game.


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Playable characters[]

Character Icon Unlock requirement
Default character
Purchase The Brewster Booster pack
Purchase The Brewster Booster pack
Action Chugger
Purchase Jet Pack Wilson pack
Purchase Can't Catch Koko pack

Non-playable characters[]


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Version history[]


Thanks for helping the app become the number #1 educational game in over 10 countries! This update includes additional stability and bug fixes.



Thank you for helping the app get over 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS! This update includes a small bug fix as well as translations for the app's title and description (Malaysian, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Turkish and Russian).



Winner of the Parent's Choice Recommended Award and the Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award!

This update includes small bug fixes.



  • New parental gating on in-app purchases
  • Optimized for iOS 7 & minor bug fixes



  • Optimized for iOS & minor bug fixes
  • Award-winning app: A Parent's Choice Recommended 2013 Award, Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award and many more!



This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch icon.

Small bug fixes! Thank you for playing Budge Studio's Chuggington Traintastic Adventures![3]

(28 August 2015)[2]


  • Despite being made for mobile devices, the game has been hacked in the past to operate on MacOS and Windows software.
  • Most of the models used in the game are low-poly versions of the originals made for the series in Sketchup. Because of this, several details are omitted.
  • In the Android version of the game, the developer tools are left in the files.
  • In both the UK and US releases of the game, Vee is voiced by a different voice actor rather than Maria Darling and Johnnie Fiori respectively. Both go uncredited.
  • In the UK release of the game, Wilson, Brewster and Koko's shared voice lines (excluding cutscenes) use their voices from the American dub.


  • Normally, it is impossible to maneuver a chugger while in the coloured tunnels, and the player will have to wait for them to reach the other side. However, spamming the screen will confuse the game and the chugger will stop inside the tunnels.





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