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This article is about the series. You may be looking for the toy range.

Chuggington: Little Trainees is an abridged spin-off series of Chuggington that first aired in Autumn 2016. With a total of 52 4.5-minute shorts, this series consists of previously aired episodes re-edited down to a "bite-sized" format, with a new narration by James Goode to assist the audience in understanding the stories. It aired on Disney Junior and the WATCH Disney Junior app in the US from 2017 to 2018 and is currently available on Prime Video in the UK.


  1. Koko Keeps Trying
  2. Brewster's Downhill Dash
  3. Wilson's Fruity Delight
  4. Wilson's Snow Patrol
  5. Brewster's Hard Work
  6. Koko's True Friends
  7. Koko's Puppy Playtime
  8. Wilson's Action Adventure
  9. Brewster Saves the Day
  10. Wilson Meets a Dinosaur
  11. Koko Shares a Good Secret
  12. Wilson's Safari Frenzy
  13. Wilson's Elephant Playtime
  14. Wilson Makes it Better
  15. Brewster Leads a Team
  16. Koko Takes it Slow
  17. Brewster the Detective
  18. Wilson Stays Up Late
  19. Wilson and the Chug Wash
  20. Brewster the Brave
  21. Koko Goes Off Track
  22. Koko's Exciting Delivery
  23. Brewster's Big Lesson
  24. Koko Comes Out on Top
  25. Koko's New Game
  26. Brewster's Winning Way
  27. Wilson and the Snowstorm
  28. Wilson Plays it Cool
  29. Koko Takes the Lead
  30. Brewster's Emergency Rescue
  31. Wilson's New Look
  32. Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair
  33. Wilson's Perfecto Paper
  34. Koko Keeps Calm
  35. Koko Speeds Ahead
  36. Smooth Mover Wilson
  37. Brewster's Soapy Adventure
  38. Wilson's Marvelous Masterpiece
  39. Wilson's Magnetic Mayhem
  40. Wilson Gets the Wobbles
  41. Wilson Rides the Storm
  42. Wilson Works it Out
  43. Wilson's Icy Encounter
  44. Hoot and Toot Go Camping
  45. Hoot, Toot, and the Mysterious Meteorite
  46. Hoot's Funny Colors
  47. Toot Tells the Truth
  48. Olwin and Mr. Mist
  49. Wilson Helps Out
  50. Hoot and Toot's Gold Reward
  51. Toot Makes a New Friend
  52. Hoot and Toot Save the Day

Half-Hour Broadcasts

For broadcast on the Disney Junior channel in the US, several broadcast-length compilations were produced, consisting of four shorts per episode, along with the full theme song and ending credits:

  1. Trainee Teamwork (Wilson Meets a Dinosaur, Brewster Leads a Team, Brewster's Emergency Rescue, Brewster's Soapy Adventure)
  2. Working Chuggers (Wilson's Snow Patrol, Hoot and Toot Go Camping, Hoot and Toot Save the Day, Wilson's Icy Encounter)
  3. Listen Up Chuggers! (Brewster's Downhill Dash, Wilson's Action Adventure, Koko Keeps Trying, Koko Goes Off Track)
  4. Ready to Help! (Hoot and Toot's Gold Reward, Wilson's Fruity Delight, Hoot's Funny Colors, Wilson Plays it Cool)
  5. Chuggers Get it Done (Koko's Puppy Playtime, Brewster Saves the Day, Koko Shares a Good Secret, Brewster's Hard Work)
  6. Traintastic Team (Toot Tells the Truth, Koko Comes Out on Top, Koko's New Game, Toot Makes a New Friend)
  7. Chugger Challenge (Brewster the Detective, Koko's Exciting Delivery, Koko Takes the Lead, Wilson's Magnet Mayhem)
  8. Go, Go Chuggers! (Wilson's Safari Frenzy, Wilson and the Ice Cream Fair, Koko Speeds Ahead, Brewster's Winning Way)
  9. Good Work Trainees
  10. Friends Come First (Wilson Makes it Better, Wilson and the Chug Wash, Koko Keeps Calm, Wilson Gets the Wobbles)


  • This was the last Ludorum-produced Chuggington production before the sale to Herschend Entertainment Studios.
  • The miniseries was part of a rebranding to relocate Chuggington's target market to ages 2-4, following a brand audit in Summer 2015. The toyline relaunch with Jazwares was co-developed around the same time as production as this series as part of the move.
  • The episodes were given a 4% slowdown when aired on Disney Junior, likely due to a mishandled conversion from PAL to NTSC.