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“A great big town of trains and tracks…”
―Brief description of Chuggington[src]

Chuggington is the main setting of the series of the same name. Being run entirely on steam, diesel and electric locomotives, the city is designed around its railway.

Its location in the world is unknown, but most likely Africa, that has many biomes from other parts of the world, for example, the Grand Canyon (where the quarry is - based of the landscape of Arizona, US), the safari park - comprised of African savannas, English plains, Canadian forests, and the docks.

The city centre houses the main depot and has been expanded in later seasons and episodes. The complex has an office building complex, where the Mayor works, consisting of various levels of elevated flyover track, while the familiar depot area is flatter and spread out.


Chuggington houses numerous profitable businesses, such as the distribution of gravel, lumber, paper, ice cream and more. The city is also largely based on tourism, with tourist attractions such as an animal preserve and museum, as well as numerous stations for both local and express lines to stop at; a high-speed connection with the neighbouring city Tootington also exists. Tootington additionally receives a daily supply of goods from Chuggington via a night shift pulled by Harrison. [1]

At the harbour, various goods from numerous over-seas locations are brought in via ship, where Skipper Stu has them unloaded, with the cargo taken to the Drop and Load Yard, where it is sorted by Cormac and taken away by various freight chuggers to be sent to other places.


Upwards of two-hundred years before the current time period of the series, Chuggington was a much smaller city, located on a single track cut-off from the Yellow Line. The city was completely housed by steam chuggers, who kept it going by exporting valuable goods from the various mines near the mountain, such as salt and gravel. Deep in the mountain, an ice cave would be discovered while excavating the mines- one that would later be revisited once the ice cream factory overheated years later. For unknown reasons, the city was abandoned and work on a new city roughly fourteen kilometers away began. The now abandoned city gained the nickname of "Old Town".

Most chuggers were transferred to Tootington, while three chuggers- the then young Peter, Olwin, and Speedy McAllister were kept to help build the city. The new city featured more advanced technology, with new systems being implemented over the years, such as automatic points. An AI operating controller separate to the mayor was also built to manage the city- known as "Vee". As well as this, an underground tunnel system would be introduced, soon falling into a filthy state.

As diesel and electric chuggers were introduced to the city, the three steam chuggers were still kept, with another even being built several years later as a test to see if old steam methods were compatible with the current standards for chuggers.

Quite some time after this, a new connection between Chuggington and its neighbouring city, Tootington was built specifically for passenger runs, replacing Border Bridge, which was restricted to goods. The opening ceremony was held by the city's mayors, riding along the tunnel that had been built by the recently formed Chuggineers, in a modern high-speed chugger, Payce, who finished the run to the line's turminus at the main station at Chug Town.

On August 31st, to commemorate its history and the city as a whole, the then current mayor introduced a new holiday- Chuggington Day, as well as a new training program titled "Train Together" to encourage teamwork and companionship among trainees. [2]



  • According to series creator Sarah Ball, Chuggington was specifically designed to look as neutral as possible, so that it would give the impression to the viewers that it could be located anywhere- thus becoming more appealing to international audiences. In an interview with Ball, she used another locomotive-themed series, Thomas & Friends, as an example, stating that its typical British countryside made it look biased to most foreign audiences.
  • It is possible that Chuggington is a large island- in the storyboards of the episode Hodge and the Chugnav, when Action Chugger is counting clickety-clacks towards the satellite, it appears that if Action Chugger had come perfectly straight from Earth, he would have begun in the middle of the English Channel. However, this theory can be disproven by the natural land connections to Tootington and San Locomota.



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