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Chuggington is a large fictional city and the setting of the series. It was once an older place, but was left and moved to a more technology-friendly place.

It's location in the world is unknown, but most likely Africa, that has many biomes from other parts of the world, for example the Grand Canyon (where the quarry is - based of the landscape of Arizona, US), the safari park - comprised of African savanas, English plains, Canadian forests, and the docks.

The city center houses the main depot, and has been expanded in later seasons and episodes. The complex has an office building complex, where the Mayor works, consisting of various levels of elevated flyover track; whilst the familiar depot area is more flat and spread out.

New Chuggington

  • New Chuggington is a futuristic-type place which is more friendly to electric and diesel engines. It is the current setting of the stories.
  • Many Stations, Yards and Fun Places to stay there.
  • The architecture features many shapes and multiple colors.
  • A lot of the mechanical devices and buildings feature a curved light on the upper surface.

Old Chuggington

  • Old Chuggington is more steam-friendly. It had steam powered turntables, a whistle, and an old style clocktower. It's situated 14 km away from the city.
  • The old area consists of overgrown buildings and rusted track.
  • Old Puffer Pete, Olwin, and Speedy McAllister used to live there, as well as some engines who moved to Chuggington's sister city Tootington.
  • Old Chuggington is now know as "Old Town".
  • Chuggers can still visit here from New Chuggington.
  • Pete often tells stories about it.
  • There is an old ice cave from the days of steam that Speedy McAllister often visits and also used to visit.



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