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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song.

“I was wrong, amigos. I did not need to go back to San Locomota after all... I am already home for the holidays.”

Chugging Home for the Holidays is the first double-length special of the sixth season. In terms of broadcast order, this also the series finale of Chuggington.


The trainees set out to San Locomota to cheer up a homesick Rosa. The chuggers soon learn the best holiday traditions are the ones made with your friends.


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  • In the US dub, when Wilson and Brewster rate Zephie's skating, their voices are swapped.
    • It happens again later when Wilson and Brewster say "cool" and "wow" for the second time.
  • In the aerial shot of Wilson, Brewster, Koko, and Rosa passing by a blocked line covered in snow, Brewster's snowplow is missing.
  • When Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Rosa arrive at the Drop and Load Yard for the Noche De Estrellas festival, their parade lights (as well as the lights of the others present) disappear.
  • The riser platform moves diagonally while Rosa is on it, when in reality it only moves vertically.
  • Mtambo's headlights clip through the top section of the cabin that he's in.
  • The Roundhouse Park is missing all of its trees.
  • There's a major plot hole in the episode; as stated by the trainees, the Festival of Lights was supposed to be held on the day after the Noche De Estrellas, making it possible for the chuggers to participate in both of them. However, as they get back from their unsuccessful trip, the Festival of Lights happens on the same night. This could only be explained with their trip home from the High Mountain Pass taking over a day, which is extremely unlikely.
  • BBC iPlayer lists the episode as releasing on the 7th March 2021, which is the same air date as Celebrate Chuggington.