We are the Chuggineers!


Zack (Leader), Tyne (Member), Fletch (Member) and Brewster (Trainee).

Purpose and Aims

To build and fix buildings and other architectural structures in Chuggington.

Started/Founded in

Season 4

The Chuggineers are the construction team of Chuggington. They are responsible for building all of the tracks, bridges, tunnels and junctions in Chuggington. They take their work seriously, but always have time for a song during work. They work closely with Chug Patrol, particularly when it comes to demolishing old buildings and bridges. Their name is a pun on "engineers". The team is led by Zack.


Zack: The organised and hardworking leader of the Chuggineers.

Tyne: She is a friendly, energetic member who loves dynamite and demolitions.

Fletch: He is a fun, musical member who always drops a tune while the Chuggineers are building.

Brewster: The trainee of the group, he is reliable and sensible, and his strength makes him perfect for being a member-in-training of the Chuggineers.

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