Chugger of the Year

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9th December 2010

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Chugger of the Year is the twenty-second episode of Season 2.


Koko finds out about the Chugger of the Year reward, and immediatly wants it. Mayor Pullman brings a boy who wants to Chuggerspot with Hodge. He goes around writing the different trains. Koko tries to be really useful in front of the mayor but just ends up causing trouble for Speedy who then has to tidy up. Denzel wants an old horn that Speedy was going to recycle. When Koko breaks the Trophy. Speedy comes up with the idea of using Denzel's horn as a trophy. When the horn is refurbished, Koko suddenly realises that she shouldn't be chugger of the year. Speedy should, she is upset that the right chugger won't be getting the award. Later, as Mayor Pullman presents the award, it turns out the boy, Denzel, is her nephew, who was secretly marking the trains. She stated "I knew you would all act different around me, but normally around Denzill". The award is given to Speedy, the new Chugger of the Year!



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