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Chug Town, also known as the City Centre, is one of Chuggington's most important places - it consists of the tallest buildings in Chuggington, so tall that tracks have to be placed on top of each other.


When Wilson first saw Chug Town when he was assigned to pick up a mirror, he was amazed at the tall, grand buildings and spent a good while exploring the city. Soon afterward, Wilson was given the job to take pictures of chuggers around the city; however, he got distracted and caused the camera to go flying- thankfully, it landed safely on a chair outside of a hotel, though it was still out of reach. Wilson consulted Hoot and Toot, who were carrying an animatronic dinosaur for help- the twins had the idea of using the dinosaur’s mouth to retrieve the camera; amazingly, it worked.

Sometime after, Hodge was cleaning the tallest building in Chug Town - however, the riser platform jammed, leaving Hodge stuck hundreds of feet above the ground. Wilson had the idea that Hodge sprayed water at the building to give the riser platform a jerk - the plan was successful. Soon after that, the Parade of Lights was also held in Chug Town.

Chugston Hotel, Chuggington Central Station and many other notable buildings are also located at Chug Town.




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  • Despite not appearing in the sixth season, Chug Town is featured in two of the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard shorts produced alongside the season.

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