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an example of Chug Shui

Chug Shui is an art form practiced by Tai and the other chuggers living in the Zheng-Chu freight yard. It involves stacking containers to express one's self, creating shapes, to quote Tai, "only seen in your dreams". [1]

Chug Shui appears to be based on Feng shui (風水 in Chinese), a Chinese practice which "discusses architecture in terms of 'invisible forces' that bind the universe, earth, and humidity together, known as qui." [2]

When Tai was briefly put in charge of the Drop and Load Yard, she used Chug Shui to stack containers as opposed to following Cormac's confusing rules. While Cormac (who is quite the perfectionist) was not too accepting of Tai's work at first, he quickly understood what it meant to her and began practicing it himself. [1] Tai also used Chug Shui while stacking containers at the Docks. [3]