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This article is about the location. You may be looking for the song or the rescue team.

Chug Patrol Headquarters, better known as CPHQ or Chug Patrol HQ, is the facility where Wilson, Calley, Asher and Jackman are on standby for any accidents. It is based between the Repair Shed and the Coloured Tunnels.


CPHQ is home to eight wagons called Chug Patrol wagons- there are multiples of each, so they are always on hand in need of emergency. There is also a projected hologram inside the building- this is where Jackman keeps an eye on everything. The hologram is connected to Vee’s AI so that Jackman can speak to her without leaving the building. The hologram also has a bird’s eye view of the entirety of Chuggington and is connected to cameras all around the city- when an accident is occurring, the hologram can also identify which chuggers are in trouble.


  • When CPHQ was created, the elevated track running through the Colored Tunnels and the Repair Shed was cut off. Also, a piece of track that led out of the back of the repair shed now leads straight into the side of the headquarters.



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