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“What now, Chief? Those tracks are dangerous."
"And it's steeper around the corner. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to hold you."
"Nor me."
"Or me."
"No, but if everybody gives a little, we'll have a lot!”
―Asher, Old Puffer Pete, Olwin, Koko and Jackman

Chug Patrol Chief is the ninth episode of the fifth season, and the first part of the special, The Big Freeze.


The chuggers at the docks cannot pull the diesel tankers up to the depot, meaning that all diesel chuggers will soon not be able to move. In urgency, Jackman and Asher team up with Koko, Olwin, and Old Puffer Pete to retrieve the tankers.


Rolling Stock[]






  • This episode marks the last occurrence of a few things:
    • The last episode where Emery and Morgan are voiced by Jake Tanner and Taylor Clarke-Hill in the American dub.
    • Dunbar, Calley, Irving, Decka, and Howie's final appearances to date.
    • Olwin and Captain Charlie’s final speaking roles to date.
    • The last episode to have Nicole Davis, Jill Shilling and Steve Devereaux in the UK dub and Phillipa Alexander in the USA dub before they retired from voice acting.


  • Part of Olwin's pipe clips through her side valences in the scene of Vee calling in an emergency meeting.
  • Part of Hamish's running board is missing at one point after he and Harry stop struggling up the hill.
  • At one point, Wilson's jaw clips through the rails at CPHQ.
  • In the second to last shot of the episode, three of Mtambo's horns and his headlight in the center are missing.
  • In the BBC iPlayer version of the episode, Stephen Critchlow is credited for voicing Harry and Captain Charlie, even though the latter does not appear.