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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the squad.

“Hi Emery, we're on Chug Patrol!"
"Oh, yeah? When I earned my badge, we found ten problems. Ah, it's still the most ever.”
―Brewster and Emery

Chug Patrol is the fourth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the fourth episode overall.


Vee greets Koko and Brewster at the Roundhouses to instruct them on how to earn their Chug Patrol badges- the trainees must roam the rails and report any problems they see. Koko and Brewster also meet Emery at the Depot, who tells them that when he earned his Chug Patrol badge, he found ten problems- the highest number of hazards ever reported. He says good luck and tells the two to try and beat his record.

Brewster finds himself on a long stretch of the line with nothing but trees when a large banana peel lands on his front. Simultaneously, Koko finds a leaking water tower and reports it to Vee.

Suddenly, Brewster spots a monkey that has escaped from Safari Park hanging on a fence. Brewster wants to help it but worries that it will stop him from finding any problems. The monkey shoots off, and Brewster follows after it. Koko then reports a broken switch, a snapped fence at the farm, and leaves on the line. Meanwhile, the monkey messes with a junction box and turns a signal around, must to Brewster's dismay.

The monkey begins to climb a dangerous selection of trees, with a fallen branch blocking the track. Brewster starts making silly faces at the monkey in desperation, which quickly lures it back to him. After an announcement from Vee asking that the trainees return to the Depot, Brewster drops the monkey off at Safari Park and heads straight there.

At the Depot, Brewster apologizes for not reporting anything and explains that the monkey caused numerous hazards- giving him and Koko enough reports to beat Emery's record. The trainees return to the Training Yard to receive their badges, where Emery congratulates the two.


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  • Going by production order, this is the seventeenth episode of Badge Quest.
  • The original version of Chug Patrol would later be reused in the second season episode, The Brewster Booster.
  • This episode marks the first occurrence of Brewster being on Chug Patrol in some form. This would happen again in Deputy Chug Patrollers and You for a Day.

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