Chug Patrol
We're ready to rescue!


Jackman (Leader), Calley (Assistant Leader), Asher (Member) and Wilson (Trainee).

Purpose and Aims

To protect fellow Chuggers and citizens of Chuggington.

Started/Founded in

Season 4

The Chug Patrol is Chuggington's rescue squad. They are responsible for the safety chuggers and citizens alike, as well as preventing harmful accidents or helping out in the rescue of others. The team is led by Jackman. It is based on various real railway rescue squads.


Like every squad, the Chug Patrol has its own "uniform", in other words, its own livery. Each Chug Patroller is painted mainly red (as shown above) with red and yellow chevroned stripes on buffers if they have any, as well as a loud blaring blue and yellow siren to clear the tracks for rushing to an emergency. They also have bright shining headlights in case of any nighttime emergencies.


The headquarters of the Chug Patrol is the Chug Patrol HQ, where the Chug Patrollers meet and discuss what to do in rescue emergencies. The headquarters also contain eight wagons for different functions.


They are the hard-working and courageous members of the Chug Patrol who bring safety to Chuggington.

Jackman: He is the brave and competent leader of the Chug Patrol.

Calley: She is an assistant to Jackman, as well as being the assistant leader of Chug Patrol because of her previous experience of being a rescue chugger.

Asher: A fellow member of the Chug Patrol, he also assists Jackman in teaching and training Wilson to be a proper Chug Patroller.

Wilson: The trainee of the group, he is willing and eager to learn how to be a proper Chug Patroller. He can be a bit panicky when handling some situations on his own, though.

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