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“We're Chug Patrol, and we're ready to roll!”
―The Chug Patrol slogen

Chug Patrol is Chuggington's rescue squad. They are responsible for the safety chuggers and citizens alike, as well as preventing harmful accidents or helping out in the rescue of others. The team is led by Jackman.

The style before was slightly different, with chuggers finding faults around or on the tracks and report them all to Vee.


Like every squad, the Chug Patrol has its own "uniform", in other words, its own livery. Each Chug Patroller is painted mainly red, with red and yellow chevron stripes on their sides (and sometimes fronts or coupler doors), as well as a blue and yellow light bar and siren to clear the tracks for rushing to an emergency.


The headquarters of the Chug Patrol is the Chug Patrol HQ, where the Chug Patrollers meet and discuss what to do in rescue emergencies. The headquarters is also where the Chug Patrol Wagons are stored, via a carousal system.


They are the hardworking and courageous members of the Chug Patrol who bring safety to Chuggington.


  • Jackman - He is the brave and competent leader of the Chug Patrol.
  • Asher - A fellow member of the Chug Patrol who arrived from Tootington, he also assists Jackman in teaching and training Wilson to be a proper Chug Patroller.
  • Wilson - The trainee of the group, he is willing and eager to learn how to be a proper Chug Patroller. He can be a bit panicky when handling some situations on his own, though. As of the sixth season, he occasionally oversees CPHQ while Jackman is busy or out of town.
  • Calley - She was an assistant to Jackman, as well as being the first responder of Chug Patrol because of her previous experience of being a rescue chugger. Since she changed livery as of the fourth season, it is possible that either Chug Patrol was formed after the third season, or that she was recruited offscreen. As of the sixth season, she has not been seen in action.

Junior Chug Patrol[]

While Jackman and Asher were busy in Tootington, Wilson led the formation of Junior Chug Patrol, made up of other younger chuggers. These consist of:

  • Zephie - Handles CP3 in case of fire.
  • Piper - Oversees the monitor at CPHQ during an emergency.
  • Hoot and Toot - Handle CP6 for transporting damaged chuggers.



Chug Patrol Wagons[]


  • Both Calley and Wilson are the only characters to have both appeared since Season 1 and joined Chug Patrol during the course of the series, following on from their former positions as rescue chugger and junior trainee respectively.
    • With this in mind, Wilson is the only character to join Chug Patrol on-screen.
  • Calley is current the only member of Chug Patrol to not appear in the show anymore.
  • Chug Patrol appears to be a program expanded into many additional towns; Asher's description on the Jazwares website states he came from Tootington, and both he and Jackman went to visit in Chug Patrol, Out of Control to share their expertise with the team there. The uniform, based on Asher's livery, appears to be a more orange-red with white, with the badge having blue inside rather than the usual red. Chugatronic Cargo also implies it may be an wider operation, as the Chugatronic is mentioned as being "the most high-tech rescue car in the world" and ordering one can be difficult.

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