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Chug-Coms are communication devices used by members of Chug Patrol to talk from long distances. Chug-coms are also connected to the Chug Command screen in CPHQ and to Vee.


  • When Chug Patrollers are communicating, a profile of themselves is shown on the screens with a sound meter on the side.
  • Asher's chug-com is coloured blue along with his logo on his side instead of red like the other Chug Patrollers. This may be due to the fact Asher's Chug Patrol was based in Tootington.
  • As revealed in the fourth season episode, Round Up Wilson, the chug-coms are magnetically attached to the chuggers and can be removed easily.
  • As revealed in the fifth season episode, Cormac Patrol, chug-coms can manually be turned on or off by the chugger wearing it.