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“My wheels are freezing up! I'm stuck, Eddie! This chugger is going nowhere!”

Chilly Chuggers is the sixteenth episode of the second season.


There is an ice storm coming for Chuggington and Koko wants to help, but Calley needs older chuggers. Koko secretly sneaks herself an anti-freeze spray car and sprays the tracks of the Spur Line. However, Hodge later tells her the car was filled with water, which would make the tracks frozen solid. Meanwhile, the storm is starting and Emery still has to pick up Eddie from the Red Line. While they are returning to the Depot, a frozen branch blocks the tracks and Eddie suggests Emery to take the Spur Line route. Due to Koko's mistake, Emery's wheels freeze stuck to the tracks, making him and Eddie completely trapped in the storm.

Calley's computer can't locate the two, thanks to the storm disrupting the signal. When the adult chuggers are starting to form a search team, Koko finally tells them about her mistake. Calley leaves to rescue Emery and Eddie right away, and when they are home warm and safe, Koko promises she will never do anything like that again.


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  • In the beginning scene, Calley's coupling rods do not move when she enters her shed.