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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the episode.

Chief Wilson is a US DVD featuring six episodes from the first, second, third, and fourth series. It would be distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in the United States.


Honk Your Horns for a Chugasonic Adventure! Chief Wilson is here to save the day! In six traintastic adventures - including two brand-new episodes - Wilson competes to be Chugger of the Year, gets some unwelcome magnetic powers, takes over Mtambo's safari tour, helps Action Chugger prepare for a movie role and performs a series of rescue tests on the Chugasonic Speed Track. With friends like Koko, Brewster, Jackman and Hanzo along for the ride, Wilson and your own little Chuggers will learn all about problem solving, working together and being ready to roll wherever life's rails may take you!


  1. Chief Wilson
  2. Magnetic Wilson
  3. Undercover Action Chugger
  4. Stop Koko Stop!
  5. Chugger of the Year
  6. Wilson's Wacky Tour


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