Chief Wilson


Kate Scott

Air Date

30th August, 2013 (UK)
13th November, 2013 (Canada)

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Chief Wilson is the sixth episode of Season 4.


Jackman sends Wilson to the Chug-a-Sonic Speed Track to do an assessment made up of three tests. The first one are some leaves on the track. He sends Calley to bring him Chug Patrol 5, which helps him blow the leaves away. His next test is an uncoupled wagon. He goes up to the wagon when he realises that it leaked out oil on the track. He sends Calley to get Chug Patrol 8 which sands down the oil. He waits for it to absorb, then he vacuums the sand and oil. His last test is in the the tunnel. He sees Skylar who is broken down with wagons all over the track. He takes Skylar to the repair shed and Morgan tells him to head back to Chug Patrol Headquarters.

Meanwhile Brewster is helping Old Puffer Pete with some storage cabinets at the Drop and Load freight yard while Harrison keeps bringing more.

Wilson heads to Jackman. Jackman says he did very well on the first two tests, but then alerts Wilson that he left Skylar's derailed wagons on the line without closing the line. Which could cause and accident.

At the Drop and Load freight yard, Old Puffer Pete gets tangled in chains which fell when he misplaced them. Wilson soon sees and closes off the track and untangles Pete from the chains. Jackman sees and is impressed. He tells Wilson that he could be Cheif of Chug Patrol one day too.




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