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“Toot toot!”
―Chatsworth's catchphrase

Chatsworth is a white diesel chugger who was introduced in the first season.


Chatsworth was initially a trainee with Harrison[1]; the two generally perform the same jobs and still sleep next to each other at the Roundhouses.

Passed out after a long day's of work, Chatsworth longed a nice nap, but learns that's going to be harder than he expected with the trainees making noise, Harrison's loud snoring, which turned out to be rocks in his tank, that keep Chatsworth, and the rest of Chuggington awake all night long.[2] Not long after, while pulling a train of hopper cars down the mountain, Chatsworth's rear car's wheels jammed, subsequently setting it on fire. Luckily, Brewster noticed Chatsworth's cry for help and he was able to put the fire out with his car. Chatsworth, along with many other chuggers commemorated Brewster for his heroism.[3]

In a competition to clean the mines, Chatsworth, and many other chuggers took part in a Chug of War; Speedy's team - the team Chatsworth was on - ended up winning.[4] During the wintertime, Chatsworth, with the assistants of Hoot and Toot, gave aid to many chuggers to increase their chances of removing Harrison out of a snow bank.[5]

Some time later, Chatsworth had to deal with the Underground Tunnels covered in grime, ruining his paintwork. Wilson accidentally filled the Chug Wash with dirty liquid, making Chatsworth even more filthy. Eventully, he was back to his usual self again.[6] In preparation for an ice storm, Chatsworth was assigned with spraying the Spur Line with anti-ice to keep the tracks warm; Koko, who had accidentally sprayed the line with water - which would cause the tracks to freeze up - told Chatsworth that it had already been dealt with. Emery, who was taking Eddie back to the Depot, became stranded on the line due to the frozen tracks; thankfully, the two would be rescued by Calley.[7]

Chatsworth would go on to host and direct one of the annual rolling stock shows.[8] He was also recruited in assisting Brewster with moving the Tunnel Boring Machine for the Chuggineers, but broke down along the way to retrieve it;[9] and was a participate in the Parade of Lights.[10] Chatsworth would additionally assist Action Chugger's film crew in bringing props to the film set; after becoming stranded in a tunnel due to a tall rocket prop, he would be rescued by the trainees during their day off.[11] He was also one of the many chuggers affected by the mass diesel shortage caused by extreme ice levels.[12]


While good at heart, Chatsworth can often feel stressed out, which can lead to him feeling very lonely. He will often get himself into a bit of a state, with him concluding that it simply isn't his day.[2] In this state, he is also prone to overreacting to things and sometimes even straight-out panicking. Chatsworth can often look down upon trainees, in the sense that they still have room to grow. When he sees something he believes might get the trainees in trouble, he gives them a warning and makes sure the situation is sorted out.[13] Even if he does feel stressed out a lot, most chuggers are usually happy to work things out.

As previously mentioned, Chatsworth is good at heart. He is always happy to make everyday deliveries (even if he often feels very tired) and will usually help chuggers in bad situations. He would rather fail than cheat, even if something calls for it. Chatsworth hates letting other chuggers down, and his commitment to his work is one worth reckoning. Also, due to knowing him for most of his life, Chatsworth is seemingly the only chugger capable of combating Harrison's self-centered attitude. In all, while he can be rather stressed out a lot of the time, at his best, Chatsworth is a great chugger who is usually happy to help.

Technical Details


Chatsworth is based on a Baldwin RF-16, a 1,600-horsepower (1,200 kW) cab unit-type diesel locomotive built for freight service by the Baldwin Locomotive Works between 1950 and 1953. The RF-16s were also known as the "sharknose locomotives" due to body design of their front cabs.


Chatsworth is painted white, with red and silver corrugated lining. His portholes, window, and vent frames are painted red.




Chuggington: Badge Quest


Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Braking Brewster Koko and the Tunnel
Koko and the Tunnel Koko and the Tunnel
Bang Klang Wilson Chug Patrol Chief

In the second season episode Heave Ho Harrison, Chatsworth is depicted with the standard-pitch snow horn sound.

Only used Sound Effect
Heave Ho Harrison


  • Counting the intro, Chatsworth is technically the first character to appear on screen alongside Calley. Not counting the intro, the first character to appear on screen is Vee.
  • In German, Brazilian, French, Finnish, Italian, Swedish and Spanish (LA), he is called “Christian”. Ironically, in Hebrew, he is named יהושוע (Joshua).
  • In Polish, he is called "Cezary".
  • In Korean, he is called "Chris".
  • In Russian, his name is "Чезворт" ("Chesworth").
  • In Croatian, he is called "Orlan".
  • In Norwegian, he is called "Kristian".