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The character lineup for Season 5

Since its inception, Chuggington has introduced many characters to the series. This article lists all characters that appeared throughout the series.


Character Name First Appearance Gender Chugger Status
MainCurrentWilson Wilson Can't Catch Koko Male ♂ Trainee (advanced)
“Let's ride the rails!”
―Wilson's catchphrase
MainCurrentBrewster Brewster Can't Catch Koko Male ♂ Trainee (advanced)
“Honking horns!”
―Brewster's catchphrase
MainCurrentKoko Koko Can't Catch Koko Female ♀ Trainee (advanced)
―Koko's catchphrase
MainDunbar Dunbar Can't Catch Koko Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Let's get those wheels to the rails!”
―Dunbar's catchphrase
MainCPCalley Calley Can't Catch Koko Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
“Breakdown chugger coming through-oooooooo!”
―Calley's catchphrase
MainPete Old Puffer Pete Braking Brewster Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Rattling rivets!”
―Old Puffer Pete's catchphrase
MainEmery Emery Braking Brewster Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“This chugger is ready to depart.”
―Emery exiting a station with his catchphrase
MainHodge Hodge Late Again Eddie Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Hodge's catchphrase
MainZephie Zephie Late Again Eddie Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
―Zephie's Catchphrase
MainHarrison Harrison Can't Catch Koko Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“I've got into some bad habits, but from now on, I'm going to do better.”
MainChatsworth Chatsworth Braking Brewster Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Toot toot!”
―Chatsworth's catchphrase
MainOlwin Olwin Bang Klang Wilson Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
“Come along my little chug-a-chugs!”
―Olwin talking to the trainees
MainIrving Irving Koko and the Tunnel Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Tipping… tipping… tipping…”
―Irving pouring recycling
MainMtambo Mtambo The Chugger Championship Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Big and small, short and tall, on my journey's I have seen them all!”
MainFrostini Frostini Late Again Eddie Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Frostini's catchphrase
ActionChuggerSeason6 Action Chugger Action Brewster Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“I'm helpful, I'm strong, I get the job done!”
―Action Chugger's catchphrase
MainSpeedy Speedy McAllister Who Do You Appreciate? Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“A steam chugger never forgets.”
MainHootandToot Hoot and Toot Babysitter Brewster Male ♂ (Hoot)
Female ♀ (Toot)
Trainees (advanced)
“Hoot and Toot are ready to scoot!”
―Hoot and Toot's catchphrase
MainSkylar Skylar Top Secret Koko Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“It's crane time!”
―Skylar's catchphrase
Decka Decka Top Secret Koko Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
―Decka's catchphrase
MainPiper Piper Toot's New Friend Female ♀ Trainee
“I'm a little bit wobbly on my wheels!”
―Piper on her first day in Chuggington[src]
MainJackman Jackman Rescue at Rocky Ridge Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“I'm Chug Patrol, and I'm ready to roll!”
―Jackman's catchphrase
MainHanzo Hanzo Rescue at Rocky Ridge Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“You are thinking too much. You need to trust yourself to do the right thing.”
―Hanzo talking to Koko[src]
MainZack Zack Rescue at Rocky Ridge Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Zack's catchphrase
MainTyne Tyne Rescue at Rocky Ridge Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
“Okay, everyone! Cover your vents! This is gonna be loud!”
―Tyne preparing for a demolition[src]
MainFletch Fletch Rescue at Rocky Ridge Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Fletch's catchphrase
MainAsher Asher Blazin' Wilson Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Asher's catchphrase
MainPayce Payce We Are the Chuggineers Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
―Payce's catchphrase
MainCormac Cormac The Tootington Tunnel Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Oh, my giddy/aching engine!”
―Cormac struggling with the crane
MainSkipperStu Skipper Stu Koko Express Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
―Skipper Stu's catchphrase
MainHarry Harry Koko Express Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“We're mighty and tough-”
―Harry's part of the catchphrase
HamishSeason6 Hamish Koko Express Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“-Always strong enough!”
―Hamish's part of the catchphrase
MainRuss Russ Koko Express Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Sailing, sailing! Over the Chuggington Sea! On my way to New Trainland! That's the life for me!”
―Russ singing on the ship[src]
MainDaley Daley Koko Express Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
“Daley Delivery; careful and quick! Daley Delivery; there in a tick!”
―Daley's catchphrase
MainRosa Rosa Not From Around Here Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
“Gracias, everyone! Especially you trainees, who were kind enough to make friends with someone new in Chuggington.”
MainTai Tai The 3 Ways of the Track Female ♀ Trainee
“Be strong, and get it done!”


Character Name First Appearance Gender Occupation
MainVee Vee Can't Catch Koko Female ♀ Main Announcer/Controller
“Time to wake up, Chuggington!”
―Vee's catchphrase
MainEddie Eddie Late Again Eddie Male ♂ Mechanic
“Aw, that means a lot mate!”
―Eddie talking to Hodge
MainMorgan Morgan Can't Catch Koko Male ♂ Engineer Mechanic
“Let's get you on the rotator, and take a look.”
―Morgan talking to a broken-down chugger[src]
MainLori Lori Can't Catch Koko Female ♀ Assistant Engineer Mechanic
“I can help with that, Morgan!”
―Lori talking to Morgan[src]
MainDrGosling Dr. Gosling Wilson and the Elephant Male ♂ Vet
“Thanks for being on call Koko.”
―Dr. Gosling taking to Koko[src]
Vicki Vicky Wilson and the Elephant Female ♀ Vet/Animal Carer
“Sorry, Ebo can be really stubborn sometimes!”
MainKaren Karen Braking Brewster Female ♀ Quarry Manager
“Don't overload yourself Brewster!”
―Karen talking to Brewster[src]
MainFelix Felix Late Again Eddie Male ♂ Farmer
“Bananas? Now why would I need bananas?”
―Felix talking to Old Puffer Pete.[src]
MainDrLing Dr. Ling The Brewster Booster Female ♀ Scientist
“The wonders of modern technology!”
―Dr. Ling talking to Emery and Wilson[src]
MainMayorPullman Mayor Pullman Brewster Meets the Mayor Female ♀ Mayor of Chuggington
“Let's make some noise for the most special place I know!”
―The Mayor beginning Chuggington Day[src]
MainHowie Howie Wilson's Forest Flare Male ♂ Chief of the Working Wheels Yard
“Cleaning crew to Platform 6!”
―Howie informing to his crew
MainCaptainCharlie Captain Charlie Koko Express Male ♂ Captain of the the ship
“I'm sorry Skipper, but if we don't hurry soon, we'll have to leave on an empty ship.”
―Charlie talking to Skipper Stu.[src]

Minor Characters[]

Main Page: Minor Chugger Characters

Character Name First Appearance Gender Chugger Status
BrownHarrison The Brown Chugger Wake Up Wilson Unknown Fully-Fledged
A brown coloured Harrison
GreenHarrison The Green Chugger Wilson and the Dinosaur Unknown Fully-Fledged
A green coloured Harrison
PurpleDunbar The Purple Chugger Babysitter Brewster Unknown Fully-Fledged
A purple coloured Dunbar
NoImageProfile Cannonball Cooper Famous Emery (mentioned) Male ♂ Fully-Fledged
An old friend of Old Puffer Pete
NoImageProfile Other Old Town Chuggers Old Puffer Pete's Tour (mentioned) Male ♂ (Samuel, Solomon, Sid and Soo)
Female ♀ (Sally)
Some old friends of Old Puffer Pete
NoImageProfile The Old Town Mystery Chugger Eddie Finds Time (mentioned) Male ♂ Deceased
A mysterious steam chugger said to be haunting the Old Town.
NoImageProfile The Tootington Passenger Chugger Explorer Koko (mentioned) Female ♀ Fully-Fledged
The Tootington Passenger Chugger was supposed to pick up several VIPs from Koko at Border Bridge to take them on a tour of Tootington.
MainSanLocomotaChuggers The San Locomota Chuggers Not From Around Here (mentioned) Unknown Unknown
The Chuggers of San Locomota
NoImageProfile The Zheng-Chu Chuggers The Art of Chug Shui (mentioned) Unknown Unknown
The Chuggers of Zheng-Chu
NoImageProfile The Tootington Chug Patrollers Chug Patrol, Out of Control (mentioned) Unknown Unknown
The Chug Patrol squad in Tootington.
NoImageProfile The Tootington Chuggineers The Tootington Tunnel (mentioned) Unknown Unknown
The Chuggineer Group in Tootington.


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Main Page: Minor Human Characters

Character Name First Appearance Gender Occupation
MainMrSimpkins Mr. Simpkins Koko Pulls it Off Male ♂ Minister of Chuggers
“I was going to pass you...until then, but you've failed.”
―Mr. Simpkins talking to Wilson.[src]
MainMrKnot Mr. Knot Frostini's Fruit Fandango Male ♂ Assistant to the Mayor
“Tomorrow's the anniversary of Old Puffer Pete's first day in Chuggington!”
―Mr. Knot talking to the chuggers and Vee[src]
MainRagBarnstaple Rag Barnstaple Zephie Ace Reporter Male ♂ Journalist of the Chuggington Life Newspaper
“This is definitely going on the front page of the newspaper!”
―Rag taking a picture of Calley rescuing Wilson[src]
MainJenny Jenny Koko's Puppy Training Female ♀ Student (estimated)
“Zip! Oh, I've missed you so much!”
―Jenny reuniting with Zip the Dog[src]
MainInspectoer The Inspector Inspector Emery Female ♀ Railway Board Inspector
“Actually, Mr. Nicholas has retired. I'm the new inspector.”
―The Inspector revealing her secret.[src]
MainDenzel Denzil Chugger of the Year Male ♂ Student (estimated)
“Alright! A 6-wheeled Dandy Diesel!”
―Denzil running towards Hodge[src]
MainLinda Linda Wilson's Paper Trail Female ♀ Assistant to the Mayor and Designer for the Printers
“Thanks for being so honest and telling me right away. Is any of the paper usable?”
―Linda talking to Wilson[src]
MainMagnificentMysterioso Magnificent Mysterioso Stop the Press, Emery Male ♂ Magician
“I am the Magnificent Mysterioso!”
―Mysterioso starting a show[src]
MainMayorofTootington The Mayor of Tootington The Tootington Tunnel Male ♂ Mayor of Tootington
“...And now, the Mayor of Tootington and I shall take the first official ride!”
―Mayor Pullman opening the bridge.[src]
MainKingofBuffertonia The King of Buffertonia Mtambo's Royal Tour Male ♂ King of Buffertonia
“What amazed! We have nothing like this in Buffertonia!”
―The King amazed with Koko's tour.[src]
NoImageProfile Mr. Nicholas Inspector Emery (mentioned) Male ♂ Railway Board Inspector (formerly)
“We called him 'Old Picky Nicky', because he can be a bit persnickety.”
―Old Puffer Pete talking to Emery[src]