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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song.

"What if we dig our way out... together?"
"Well, we're both pretty strong, so maybe instead of working separately, we can work together... as a team!
— Brewster and Tai

Celebrate Chuggington is the second and final double-length special of the sixth season.


It's time for a brand new holiday in the great big world of trains - Chuggington Day! The trainees embark on an adventure to remember, including a scavenger hunt and a quest for the perfect statue! The trainees learn the importance of training together.








  • The special is the first for a few things:
    • In the UK, airing wise, this special marked the first full-length extended episode for the Chuggington franchise and the first special of Season 6 (though Chugging Home for the Holidays was produced and aired in the US first).
    • The first special where Eddie and and Mayor Pullman are voiced by Nick Hagelin and Carla Fisher in the American dub.
    • The first special where James Goode gives Skipper Stu a British accent in the American dub.
  • This is the final special where Wilson is voiced by Jordan C. Reed in the US dub.
  • This special was promoted in licensing presentations as a "back to school" special and was aired in the UK and US around that time.
  • This special aired on the 27th of December 2020 in Poland, before it was released anywhere else.
  • The trophy seen in this episode uses the original coupler design used in the first and second seasons.
  • The Safari Park, Ice Cream and CPHQ Songs from Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! were played during this special.
  • This special has the most amount of songs within it.
  • Morgan is the only character whom appeared in Season 6 to not appear in this special.
  • This special served as the basis for "Train Together", a brand campaign for August 2021. The special's US airing was a key element to the campaign, and re-aired on CBeebies on Sunday, 11th of July, 2021 as part of the month-long celebration.


  • Brewster has Koko's voice in the first line of the first performance of Let's Train Together.
  • When Wilson, Brewster, Koko, and Tai arrive at the Safari Park, Mtambo is missing his horns.
  • While it does not occur during the special itself, a promotional image shows Tai's front coupler missing when the chuggers shout "Happy Chuggington Day".
  • Asher and Cormac stop moving midway after their exit from Chug Patrol Headquarters.
  • Old Puffer Pete's running board briefly clips through his pistons when he enters Roundhouse Park.
  • During the Celebrate Chuggington song, Skipper Stu's model briefly glitches to his right during the shot of him, Zephie, Piper, and Rosa singing.
  • Pete's coupling rods do not move when he passes by Hamish.
  • Several characters supposed to be singing do not move their mouths during the songs, most notably Koko.
  • BBC iPlayer uses a promotional image from the first season as its thumbnail. The actual thumbnail is used for Chug Patrol: Mission Thunder.



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