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“Koko, I can't make it up the hill with those cars on my own! Can you help me?"
"Of course, I can! Oh, but I don't think you would get your badge if I do."
"I know, but that's okay. These cars are needed urgently and I don't want to let Olwin down.”
―Brewster and Koko

Capable Brewster is the ninth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the ninth episode overall.


Brewster arrives at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs him on how to earn his capability badge- Brewster must pull a long load of 8 hopper cars in a pattern up to the quarry for Olwin to collect. Brewster heads to the Loading Yard to pick up the load, while Olwin watches.

Brewster finds himself struggling to keep moving with his long load but decides not to ask for help, as he figures that he will only earn his badge if he does it on his own. As he approaches the mountain, he grinds to a halt, nearly coming off the rails. Brewster decides to get help, for he knows that Olwin cannot get behind schedule.

Back at the Depot, Brewster asks for Koko's assistance, and the two set off- with Wilson also listening. At the mountain, Koko's wheels begin to slip as she and Brewster approach the summit, just as Wilson couples up behind her. The three trainees soon reach the top. At the quarry, Olwin is very pleased and tells Brewster that it does not matter how he completes his task, but if he manages to get it done promptly- meaning that Brewster can still earn his badge.

Brewster returns to the Training Yard to earn his badge.


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