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Title Card - Can't Catch Koko
[The clock on the Roundhouses chimes at 7:00. Vee prepares herself.]
Vee Time to wake up, Chuggington!
Wilson, Brewster and Koko pull out of their roundhouses.]
Wilson (yawns) I'm still kinda sleepy.
Koko Well, I'm ready to roll!
Vee Wilson and Brewster to the Fuel Yard, please.
Brewster Aw, it's time to refuel. Again.
Wilson You're lucky you're electric, Koko.
Brewster Yeah, I wish I could get my power from the tracks.
Koko Yeah, so do I.
[Brewster leaves.]
Koko Then maybe you could go faster! Heh-heh, like me!
Wilson See you later, Koko!
[Wilson leaves. He and Brewster travel up a track to a stop light as Calley's sirens wail.]
Calley Breakdown chugger coming through-oooooooo!
[Calley pulls out of the Coloured Tunnels with a broken down Harrison. The switcher train's sirens wail as she rolls into the Repair Shed. Lori joins Morgan and waits in the shed.]
Calley Morning, Morgan. Hi, Lori. Poor Harrison broke down on the way home from his night shift.
Harrison I need to be fixed fast, Morgan, or I won't be able to make the delivery run tonight.
Morgan I'll try my best. So what happened, Harrison?
Harrison I was just cruising smoothly along when suddenly I felt a horrible... clunk! And I couldn't move anymore.
Morgan Hmm, that doesn't sound good.
Lori And do you definitely have enough fuel?
Calley Abso-tootly! I checked that first, Lori.
Morgan Okay, we'd better get you on the rotator and take a look.
[Calley's sirens wail as she pulls Harrison onto the rotator that has space underneath the tracks. She uncouples from Harrison.]
Harrison Thanks for bringing me in, Calley.
Calley You're welcome. Hope you're all right. See you later!
[Calley leaves the Repair Shed with her sirens wailing.]
Morgan Okay, Harrison, here we go.
[Morgan stands below the tracks beside Harrison. Lori pulls a lever that tilts the rotator and Harrison. Harrison moans. Morgan looks under Harrison.]
Harrison Can you see what it is yet?
[Lori kneels behind Morgan.]
Morgan (inhales sharply) It doesn't look good.
Harrison Oh... oh, no.
[Harrison looks disappointed. Elsewhere in the Fuel Yard, Brewster watches a level rise as he fills up on fuel. Koko honks her horn as she races up to Brewster and Wilson.]
Koko Did you hear about Harrison?
Wilson We saw him get towed in.
Koko Yeah, he broke down and needs a new part. Lori's trying to get hold of one now.
Brewster Who's gonna do the night run if Morgan can't fix him in time?
Koko (giggles) Well, not you, Brewster. It'll have to be someone really fast.
[Koko looks up thoughtful.]
Koko Ooh! Huh...
[Back in the Repair Shed, Lori walks down a staircase.]
Lori Bad news, I'm afraid. I've phoned around, but we can't get the part delivered until tomorrow.
Harrison Oh no.
Lori I'm so sorry.
Harrison Well... thanks for trying, Lori.
[Harrison looks down sad.]
Morgan We'd better tell Vee.
[Elsewhere in the Depot, Dunbar is parked beside Vee trying to think of a replacement of Harrison's job.]
Dunbar Now then, Vee. Let me think. Who else is fast?
[Koko backs up on the track beside Dunbar, startling him.]
Koko Please let me go, Dunbar! Please, please, please!
Dunbar But you're a trainee, Koko, and you've never done a night shift before.
Koko But I'm not afraid of the dark, Dunbar. And I bet I can do the fast run ever!
Vee It's about making the delivery on schedule, Koko. Not breaking speed records.
Koko Yeah, I know Vee. So can I go? Please?
[Koko gives a hopeful look.]
Dunbar Hmm, well, I suppose it would be good experience.
Koko Traintastic!
[Koko is about to leave.]
Vee Just a minute, Koko...
[Koko stops.]
Vee Wilson and Brewster will go with you, too.
Koko But it will take all night with slowpoke Brewster crawling along behind. Can't I go on my own?
Vee No, Koko. It would really be better if you all went.
Koko (sighs) Okay, Vee.
[The Clock Tower reads 4:00. The clock bell rings as day turns to night, and reads 7:00. The trainees Wilson, Koko and Brewster pull up to one of Vee's loudspeakers with their lights shining.]
Vee Now remember, chuggers, stay together, please.
Brewster We will, Vee.
Vee Don't rush, pace yourselves. It's a long journey.
Koko We'll be fine, Vee.
Vee Okay, here comes your tunnel colour.
[The tunnel colours flip through on Vee's monitor.]
Vee Ride safely, chuggers!
Wilson and Brewster Green! Yellow! Red! Blue, red...
[Vee's screen reveals the Yellow Tunnel.]
Koko Yellow! Betcha can't catch Koko!
[Koko races down her track with her delivery.]
Wilson Hooray, let's ride the rails!
[Wilson follows Koko with his own delivery, leaving Brewster behind.]
Brewster Hey, wait for me!
[Brewster slowly follows the other chuggers and honks his horn. He follows his friends into the Yellow Tunnel with his deliveries. Koko looks around her as she exits the tunnel to the Bridge Over Tunnel Runby.]
Koko Wow!
[Brewster gasps as he pulls up beside Koko.]
Brewster Wow, Look at all those stars!
[The three chuggers admire the night sky, then a owl hoots. Wilson starts to exit the tunnel; he lets out a frightened gasp at the owl hooting and backs up back into the tunnel.]
Wilson What's that?!
Koko Just an owl, come on!
[The owl sits on a tree branch.]
Koko We need to make tracks. Betcha you can't catch Koko!
[Koko races down the track.]
Brewster We're supposed to stick together! Remember?
[Wilson rolls up beside Brewster looking scared. He starts to move down the tracks. The owl hoots and Wilson gasps. He races to catch up to Brewster. Ahead of her friends, Koko switches tracks to one separating the other tracks by a row of trees.]
Koko (giggles) This is fun.
[Koko hides behind the trees. Down the tracks. Brewster and Wilson travel side by side.]
Brewster Can you see her, Wilson?
Wilson No, not yet.
[Behind the trees, Koko giggles and turns off her light. Brewster and Wilson pull up on the other side of the trees. Koko pops out and turns on her light.]
Koko BOO!
[Brewster and Wilson jump and let out a shriek.]
Brewster You shouldn't do that, Koko! I nearly fell off the track!
Koko (giggles) You should have seen your face!
Brewster Glad you think it's so funny.
Koko Oh, come on. If you weren't so slow, you would have seen me. Brewster's a slowpoke! Brewster's a slowpoke!
Brewster AM NOT!
Koko Yes, you are!
Koko Look, I'm Brewster, the slowest chugger in the west! Oh, look, a snail is overtaking. "Slow down, Mr. Snail, wait for me"!
[Wilson laughs but stops after Brewster gives him a glaring look.]
Brewster It's not funny! Just stop it, Koko! We don't have time to mess around!
[Brewster starts to leave.]
Wilson Yeah, come on, Koko. We'd better get going. Let's ride the rails!
[Wilson follows Brewster ahead.]
Koko Okay, I'll race you.
[Koko starts to follow the other chuggers but suddenly stops moving.]
Koko Huh? What's happening? Hey, Wilson? Something is wrong! Wilson?!
[Wilson and Brewster are gone. far ahead, leaving Koko stuck.]
Koko Wilson! Wilson, come back! Don't leave me!
[Up the tracks, Brewster and Wilson travel side by side.]
Wilson Maybe we should wait for Koko to catch up, Brewster.
Brewster I bet she found a short cut. There's no way she's still behind us.
[Back by the trees, Koko's light flickers out.]
Koko (gasp) Oh no! HELP! Come back! PLEASE!
[Wilson's light shines down the track.]
Wilson I don;t like this Brewster, Vee told us all to stick together and we're not.
Brewster But if we stop, we'll never get the delivery in time.
Wilson I'm going to call Vee and see if she knows where Koko is.
Brewster Okay.
[Wilson and Brewster pull up to one of Vee's loudspeakers at the Teal Canopy Station.]
Wilson Wilson to Vee... Vee, can you hear me?
[The lights on the loudspeaker and the station are out and there is no response from Vee.]
Brewster That's weird. Why are all the lights off? We'd better find another platform.
Wilson Wait a minute, there aren't any lights on anywhere. Look Brewster! Everything is totally dark!
[Wilson and Brewster look at all the lights out around them.]
Brewster Honking horns! How could that happen?
Wilson Don't know, maybe there's no electricity?
Brewster OH, like a power cut/blackout?
Wilson Yeah.
Brewster Phew, good thing we're not electric, huh?
Wilson and Brewster (gasps) BUT KOKO IS!
[Back by the trees, the owl lands on a branch beside Koko, hooting. Koko looks at the owl.]
Koko Oh, Mr. Owl. I should have never teased Brewster about being slow. We'd still be together if I hadn't.
[The owl hoots. Horns honk in the distance and the owl flies away. Brewster and Wilson arrive.]
Koko Wilson, Brewster! You came back!
Wilson We were worried about you.
Koko I can't move, there's something really wrong with me.
Wilson Don't worry, Koko, you'll be fine.
Brewster There's a power cut/blackout...
Wilson So, there's no power for you to pull from the tracks, and your battery must run low/down.
Koko So, I'm okay? I'm really okay?
Wilson Yeah, (laughs) you just can't move.
Brewster Now who's a slowpoke?
Koko I'm sorry I teased you, Brewster.
Brewster That's okay.
Wilson What do we do now?
Brewster I know, you tow Koko back to Chuggington, and I'll make the Delivery.
[Wilson and Koko gasp and honk].
Wilson and Koko ON YOUR OWN?!
Brewster Well, someone has to.
[Brewster starts down the track. Back in Chuggington, Morgan sweeps a flashlight around him. Dunbar pulls up beside him.]
Dunbar Do you think the trainees will be okay?
Morgan I'm sure they'll be fine, Dunbar. They're a good little team.
Dunbar Yeah.
[In the Coloured Tunnels, Wilson pulls Koko in the Depot.]
Koko Oh, I'm so embarrassed. I hope no one sees me like this.
Wilson (laughs) There's a power cut/blackout, Koko. Nobody can see anything. Woo-oo! Woo-oo! Breakdown chugger coming through!
Koko Shh, everyone can still here, though!
[Dunbar pulls up to the two chuggers.]
Dunbar Wilson, Koko, are you okay? Where is Brewster?
Wilson We're fine, Dunbar. Koko lost her power.
[Wilson uncopulers from Koko.]
Koko So Brewster is doing the night run all on his own.
Dunbar Really? Oh, what a brave chugger!
[Cut to Brewster traveling through the night pulling the three hopper cars on his way to Tootington. The power returns in Chuggington and Koko's light comes back on.]
Koko I'm moving! The power is back!
Wilson Hooray!
[Koko races down her track as the power returns to one of Vee’s loudspeakers.]
Vee Testing, testing. One, two. One, two. (clears throat) I'm baack! Did you miss me?
Dunbar Yeah, it's been very quiet around here, Vee.
[Koko pulls up beside Dunbar, giggling.]
Vee Well, I've just had a message, and you be pleased to know that Brewster has delivered everything on schedule.
Wilson WHOO-HOO!
Koko Wow, Brewster did it even, with all the time he lost rescuing me!
Vee Brewster's tired, so he'll spend the night in Tooting and back tomorrow.
Koko I'll never ever call Brewster a slowpoke again. He's my here! Choo-choo!