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Calley's Shed is an underground storage area located in the Fuel Yard and the home to the rescue wagons.

Equipment and Rooms[]

The overground area of Calley's shed features large windows, a siren, a flashing light, plants and a screen that is linked up to every chugger in Chuggington - it can tell when a chugger is in danger, what has happened and where they are.

To enter the lower level, a chugger needs to press a button that sits on the screen's stand with their coupler - this will cause the track to collapse and lock into a turntable. The turntable connects to several tunnels - of which some can be presumed to lead into the Underground Tunnels. The following rescue wagons are stored in some of these tunnels:

  • The crane car
  • The magnet car
  • The fire car
  • The fuel car

Instead of returning to the upper level with the turntable, Calley will go through one of the many tunnels on the lower level to get to an emergency.


When Eddie tried sleeping in his workshop for the first time, he found it very hard to stay asleep as Calley would constantly be called out for rescue operations during the night.

Later, when the trainees were learning how to use the rescue wagons, Brewster was very eager to earn his badge at first, but initially found memorizing the order of the rescue wagons confusing and hard to learn. After embarrassing himself while trying to earn his badge, Brewster headed back to Calley's shed to return the magnet car when he saw on the screen that Chatsworth's train was on fire up at the mountain. In an act of heroism, Brewster rescued Chatsworth himself and earned his badge.

With the introduction of Chug Patrol Headquarters, Calley being the sole rescue chugger became obsolete and her shed has not been used since the change. However, the shed was not completely removed, and it is possible that it was turned in a general storage shed.



Chuggington: Badge Quest


  • While it is unconfirmed if Calley actually slept in her shed prior to her joining Chug Patrol and not at the Roundhouses like Dunbar, it can be assumed that she does due to the fact that her profile is engraved in the building similar to the trainees' roundhouse.



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