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“Breakdown chugger coming throo-ough!”
―Calley's catchphrase

Calley is a small shunting engine who used to handle any emergencies or accidents around Chuggington; she serves as a first responder Chug Patroller.


Calley originally served as the sole rescue chugger in Chuggington. She has rescued many chuggers in numerous events; such as towing Harrison for many miles after he broke down taking the night shift,[1] rescuing a derailed Koko after she and Wilson ventured out into the countryside,[2] pulling Wilson out of a pile of sticky paste[3] and towing Hodge to the Repair Shed after he snapped his axle hauling a load of track.[4]

Calley would also occasionally assist Dunbar with training duties; such as bring training bots to test the trainees' smoothness on the rails[5] or filling up the ramp at the Training Yard for the trainees to test their braking.[6] There are times when Calley would be the teacher herself, normal showing how to handle chuggers when there is an emergency.

Other then rescuing or teaching, Calley has participated in many events, like the Chug of War against Harrison's team and the Steam Team,[7] be a contestant on a chug quiz[4] and even model at one of the annual rolling stock shows.[8] Calley was also one the few chuggers to introduce Piper into Chuggington.[9]

With the formation of Chug Patrol, a rescue squad lead by Jackman, Calley would become a Chug Patroller herself; complete in a whole new livery and style.[10] After Wilson joined the team as an advanced trainee, Calley would take him to the countryside for lessons with the Chug Patrol wagons to help him become a better Chug Patroller.[11] One of these times, while Calley took the wagons back to Chug Patrol Headquarters, Brewster became caught up in a sinkhole; luckily, by the time that she arrived at the scene, Wilson had rescued him.[12]

One time, feeling she hasn't found her role in Chug Patrol, Calley tries out for the position of first responder. She didn't have the confidence at first, but after a little training with Payce, role belonged to Calley; who will now rush to an emergency without question.[13]


While Calley spends most of the day (and sometimes the night) rescuing, she doesn't let it get in the way of spending time with other chuggers. Calley is kind, caring, and always happy to help, though she won't avoid reprimanding other chuggers if they've done something silly.[2]

While Calley always tries to spread positivity and not shower others with her own problems, Calley can sometimes feel that she has no place on the Chug Patrol team, evident by the fact that everyone else on Chug Patrol has their own talents; this can lead to Calley trying too hard to impress others. After Calley's lack of confidence in herself led to a major embarrassment to Chug Patrol, Calley earned the job of a first responder, virtually fixing the problem.[13] In all, Calley is the ray of sunshine on Chug Patrol and a friend to everyone in Chuggington.

Technical Details


Calley is based on a Krauss-Maffei ML 500 C diesel hydraulic shunter which were built in Germany between 1954 and 1966. Tai is another member of this class.


From the first to third season, Calley was painted orange with a dark green cab roof and underbody. Her buffer beam was gray and had brick yellow and white hazard stripes. When she joined Chug Patrol starting from the fourth season, she was repainted red, yellow, and blue to match Chug Patrol's signature colours; she also gained silver hubcaps.




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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Zephie Ace Reporter Helpful Hodge
First used Last used Sound Effect
Brewster to the Rescue Cormac Patrol


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  • Calley has not appeared on the show since the fifth season episode, Chug Patrol Chief, most likely to make way for Tai, who reuses her old model from the first to third season, albeit with a single horn and a purple and orange livery.
  • Calley and Tai are the only diesel chuggers with coupling rods.
  • She is one of two of the smallest heavy hauling chuggers in Chuggington, the others being Hodge and Tai.
  • She is the only member of Chug Patrol to not appear in the sixth season.
  • In Polish, Calley is called "Kaja".
  • Unlike most chuggers, which have faces on their front ends, Calley's face is positioned on the rear end of her cab, as it is the only place to accommodate her face. In real life, this resulted in Calley having her controls functioning in reverse. (e.g., forward on the reverser, which drives Calley in reverse and vice versa.)
  • Calley's head and tail-lamps from her original model would later be reused for Old Puffer Pete.
  • Calley's horn sound is a stock fire truck horn sound effect.
  • Calley, along with Tai and Emery (not counting his coach) are the only chuggers with a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement.




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