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Budge Your Bumpers is an Australian DVD featuring six third series episodes. It would be distributed by Roadshow Entertainment.



Budge your bumpers! Trainee engines Wilson, Brewster and Koko are having lots of fun on the rails with their young friends Hoot and Toot, helping the older chuggers and learning how to use exciting new rolling stock.

These traintastic episodes see the arrival of a new steam engine in Chuggington; the trainees learn the importance of camouflage; Wilson helps Frostini with a new ice cream flavour, Brewster goes behind the camera to make a movie and Koko has a secret to keep!


Budge your bumpers! More action packed adventures for trainees Wilson, Brewster and Koko and twins Hoot and Toot as they explore the world of Chuggington!

In these exciting adventures Action Chugger goes undercover as an ordinary chugger, Hoot and Toot try to earn one more Gold Wheel so they can have a surprise treat, Koko gets hooked on a computer game and Wilson receives unwanted attention after an encounter with the magnetic crane!



  1. Toot's New Friend
  2. Chug-o-Flage
  3. Top Secret Koko
  4. Magnetic Wilson
  5. Special Helper Wilson
  6. Movie-Maker Brewster


  1. Koko's Game
  2. Undercover Action Chugger
  3. Gold Wheels
  4. Magnetic Wilson
  5. Zephie's Star Club

Bonus Features[]


  • This DVD was also released in a two-pack with Clickety Clack.
  • Currently, this DVD is the only release to contain Show and Tell Brewster (in English, that is.)


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