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“You'll be on the front cover of Chuggington Life."
"Really? The readers won't laugh at a steam engine blowing bubbles?"
"No, no, you look beautiful. It's a work of art.”
―Snap and Olwin

Bubbly Olwin is the forty-eighth episode of the first season.


Olwin has a Chug Wash and is delighted to hear that a Welsh-Scottish photographer is coming to Chuggington to take pictures of steam engines. While passing by the main depot area, she encounters Puffer Pete on his way to the quarry, where she reluctantly lets him go despite her fears that his bodywork will get roughed up. She spots Brewster and Wilson fighting over a wagon filled with 100 bottles of elephant soap wash in the loading yard on her way back. They both want to take the soap to the safari park and observe Ebo get washed, much to Wilson's dismay of not wanting to take a boxcar to the 'boring' farm.

In a struggle, Wilson's coupler lets go of the carriage, and the wagon jolts upwards, shooting a bottle of soap into the air, which gets sucked down Olwin's water tank intake valve. Olwin, at first, doesn't know what just happened and dismisses it as she thinks her nerves are getting to her head. To resolve the situation, Olwin volunteers to take the boxcar to the farm to allow Wilson and Brewster to go to the safari park.

At the farm, the bottle of soap ruptures in Olwin's tank, and she feels its strange effects. Harrison then stops by, wondering why he rarely sees Olwin at the farm, despite knowing that she should make herself 'even more beautiful'. Olwin complements his statement but smells Harrison's cargo fumes - cow manure laced with fertilizer in a hopper car. Olwin tries to get Harrison to depart faster. In an attempt to sabotage her photo opportunity, Harrison deliberately jolts his car to cause some manure to spill out and land on the track. Koko then appears and speeds down towards the spillage, and despite Olwin's warning, Koko doesn't hear it and inadvertently splashes the gunk near Olwin's mouth!

Horribly embarrassed and disgusted, Olwin becomes paranoid of being noticed and gets Vee to be on the lookout, so that Olwin can reach the Chug Wash urgently and unnoticed. But her ordeal complicated, when Olwin finds out that the Chug Wash is broken and Eddie rudely couldn't care less. Olwin tries to go to the repair shed for Lori to clean her up, but Morgan is fixing Irving and tells her that Lori is at college.

Determined to get fixed, Olwin tries to use the water refueling yard to wash off and top up her tank, which causes the soap inside the tank to sud up and produce huge amounts of bubbles. The bubbles come out of every piston and chimney, much to Harrison's humor. Determined to find out what's happening, Olwin returns to the repair shed to get scanned, and Morgan confirms it to be the elephant wash bottle. By now, the photographer has arrived and is photographing Pete and Zephie. Olwin hurriedly heads to the safari park in a last effort to get washed, and Ebo thankfully volunteers.

The photographer arrives at the safari park, just in time that Olwin is completely cleaned. The photographer is amazed by a bubbling steam engine, which uplifts Olwin, and they snap a photo to feature on the front cover of Chuggington's newspaper.


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  • Going by production order, this is the forty-ninth episode of the first season.
  • This is the last episode where Olwin has a leading role.
  • This episode reveals that Lori enrolls in college.


  • Olwin's pipes clip through her side valances on a few occasions throughout the episode.
  • The bubbles clip through Olwin's body.
  • In the close-up shots of Vee at the Roundhouses, the trainees' cabin doors are shown to be closed despite being open and the three of them coming out in the first shot of the episode.
  • Olwin's right-hand buffer clips through the rails at one point when she is talking to Zephie.
  • Zephie goes cross-eyed when she says bye to Olwin.
  • The tracks leading towards the Farm end abruptly.
  • Irving is not positioned on the rotator correctly in the first shot he's in, and his left-hand sweeper and wheel trucks are clipping through its railing.
  • When Olwin reverses to refill on water, part of her side valance disappears until she is positioned beneath the spout.
  • In the second shot of Olwin leaving the Fuel Yard, she is positioned further back than where she had left off in the previous shot, and she is starting on the same track as Harrison.
  • In the second-to-last of the episode, part of the Safari Park set shifts to the left, and one of the bushes is clipping through the platform.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Olwin fait des bulles
German Die blubbernde Almut
Japanese ぷくぷくオルウィン
Polish Olga i bąbelki
Spanish La Burbujeante Olwin (Latin America)

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