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The Bridge and Hill Runby is a route commonly used by chuggers located near the Safari Park.


The Bridge and Hill Runby was first introduced in Wilson and the Elephant when the trainees visited the freshly built new Safari Park for the first time. After that, the place quickly became one of the most prominently used countryside routes of Chuggington. It was also used as a part of the Chugger Championship race track.

Sometime later, on a snowy winter day, Harrison and Koko were sent to clear snow off the tracks of the Bridge and Hill Runby. Harrison, however, got stuck inside a huge snowdrift between the bridge and the hill. Luckily, after getting help from all the other chuggers, Koko was able to get him out.

Sometime after that, Emery broke down while driving down the hill, causing him to completely lose control and fly off the tracks at a nearby forest. That's not the only time the steepness of the hill has caused problems to the chuggers; in Stunt Brewster, Hoot and Toot uncoupled from their car at the top, causing the car to gain speed and almost crash into Brewster. It's also been shown that older chuggers, most notably Old Puffer Pete, sometimes have trouble getting up the hill.




Chuggington: Badge Quest


  • In Mtambo's Amazing Adventure, it was shown that there is another similar bridge and hill behind the set. However, other episodes have confirmed this to be a goof.
  • A slightly modified version of the set appeared in Work Those Wheels and Quiet Please.