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The Bridge Over Tunnel Runby is a bridge spanning over a small tunnel portal that marks the beginning of the Yellow Line.

Part of the track near the bridge would go under repair for a short time, causing much delay. Some time afterwards, Koko nearly collided with Hodge after she became a runaway due to a jammed speed booster. A promotional poster for Chuggington was also put up here.



Chuggington: Badge Quest[]


  • Despite being the beginning of the Yellow Line, the tunnel of the set has only been coloured yellow in three episodes, Hodge and the Magnet, Outward Bound Olwin and Brewster to the Rescue. This was likely done to allow for the set to be used in more places.
  • In Brewster Knows Best, a different beginning for the Yellow Line was shown.
  • As of the second series, the Yellow lining on the tunnel entrance is removed.