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“Wow, you look like you're trying to join up the stars, Mr. Owl! That's it! I have to join up the stars like Olwin did but using my imagination.”

Brewster and the Star Map is the seventeenth episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the seventeenth episode overall.


Late at night, the trainees arrive at the Depot to meet Vee, who instructs them on how to earn their "star map" badges. At the Training Yard, Olwin paints a picture and asks the trainees what they see. Brewster states it to be "lots of spots," but once Olwin connects some of the dots in the picture, the others see a cow. Olwin tells the trainees to find pictures in the stars and use them to guide them as a map.

At the beginning of the yellow line, Vee asks Wilson to find an elephant and then drive towards it, keeping it in front of him. Wilson soon spots it and sets off. Vee then asks Brewster to find the stars that make a steam engine and keep them on his left. However, Brewster can't seem to find any shapes at all. After that, Vee asks Koko to find the stars to form a dog and keep them on her right. Like Wilson, she quickly finds it and keeps moving along the line.

Still, at the same place he started at, Brewster sees an owl and figures it is trying to connect the stars. He then realizes that he needs to connect the stars but use his imagination. He starts with the chimney, then the roof, the wheels, and finally the whistle. He then uses the junction to keep the stars on his left. The three trainees all meet up at Old Town, where Olwin congratulates them. The three trainees then return to the Training Yard to earn their badges, and Brewster leads the others to go on more stargazing.


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