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“Your worship, may I have the honour of carrying you across the bridge?"
"Haha, you certainly may.”
―Brewster and Mayor Pullman

Brewster Meets the Mayor is the twenty-first episode of the second season.


The chuggers prepare for the welcoming ceremony of the new mayor. Brewster is given the honourable job of taking the mayor over Border Bridge. However, during rehearsal, the bridge cracks, and in closer inspection, it's deemed unsafe. So, the job is given to Action Chugger; he could fly the mayor over the bridge.

Brewster is really disappointed for not getting to do his special job, but when Action Chugger takes a chugwash using Dr. Ling's new experimental soap, which dries around him like concrete, Brewster gets an idea. The chuggers fix the bridge using the chugwash soap, and thanks to Brewster, the ceremony can go ahead in normal tradition.


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  • This marks the first appearance of Mayor Pullman.
  • At the ceremony, Emery blushes when the Mayor says she’s seen a lot of Chuggington. This could imply that chuggers have blood, but that’s highly unlikely.
  • The scanner Dr. Ling uses to check the soap at Border Bridge is Mr. Simpkins' Jiggle-O-Meter.