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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD.

“Listen, everyone, it's a lot of work to get the machine moving. But once it's in motion, it will be so much easier to push! Come on, help me out!”
―Brewster motivating his team

Brewster Leads the Way is the eleventh episode of the fourth season.


The Chuggineers are digging a new tunnel. Zack sets Brewster the task of taking the heavy tunnel boring machine to the site. He is given a team of Wilson, Calley, Harrison, Olwin, and Chatsworth. On the journey, Calley gets taken away to help Dunbar to fight the fire. Chatsworth overheats, and Harrison runs out of fuel. Olwin takes them to the repair shed. Then Jackman called Wilson to have a job. Old Puffer Pete rounds up a team consisting of Hodge, Zephie, Piper, Hoot, and Toot to help. They cannot push the machine, so Brewster makes them sing a song, so they push together, like Zack does when they work. They soon get the tunnel boring machine to the site, and Zack asks Brewster to be the first chuggineer to use it before Tyne.


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  • The UK BBC iPlayer credits make the following mistakes:
    • Calley is misspelled as "Called"
    • The first eleven members of the cast are all listed on the left hand side, with the characters they voiced on the right as usual, while last five members and characters they voiced are listed the other way round.
  • In the US credits, the list of voice actors were reused from the credits in Park Patroller Wilson; causing some issues: