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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.

“A load of bananas came into the park, but all of them vanished when it became dark.”
―Mtambo talking to Brewster

Brewster Goes Bananas is the thirteenth episode of first season.


The trainees are learning how to catch mail sacks with the mail car when Vee calls Brewster away to Platform 6. Once at Platform 6, Brewster is to deliver a boxcar full of bananas to the Safari Park as the bananas, delivered the previous day, have disappeared. Upon arrival at the Safari Park, Brewster talks to Mtambo, who explains that the monkeys are hungry. Unknown to them, the banana theft sneaks aboard Brewster.

On their way back home, Peckum, who is riding in Brewster's cab, feels something touching him but can't see anything, and then, Brewster hears a banging noise, unaware it is the banana theft jumping about in the box car. Though Brewster takes the box car to the Repair Shed, Morgan can't find anything wrong with it except there are some bananas scattered inside. Soon, the noise comes back and Morgan tells Brewster to leave the box car inside the shed.

Whilst Brewster goes back to his training, Eddie is carrying out some repairs with Hodge when his spanner goes missing, and Lori is polishing Old Puffer Pete when a flying banana lands on his whistle. Back at the Training Yard, Brewster finds the mail car on its own as Dunbar, Koko and Wilson had gone to visit the Mail Depot. However, when Brewster carries out his training, the mail sack on the lineside post moves away from the net. Confused, Brewster gets Eddie and Hodge to help him, only to discover the mail sack open with empty envelopes. Brewster explains all the strange things he'd noticed and then has an idea to catch the culprit. Eddie puts his lunch box in the net of the mail car, and then, the banana theft comes, and Brewster moves the net, shutting the car door.

Brewster explains that, as he saw bananas everywhere he'd been, the banana theft is none other than a very cheeky monkey. Soon, the cheeky monkey returns Eddie's spanner, and Brewster takes him back to the Safari Park.


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  • Going by production order, this is the thirteenth episode of the first season.
  • This episode marks the occurrence of a few of things:
    • The first speaking role of Mtambo.
    • The final episode to be written by Simon Jowett.
    • The second of the two episodes where the front-left roundhouse cabins have the residing chuggers' pictures on them.
    • The final episode to use the phrase "switch on", the first being the episode, Braking Brewster.
  • The scene of Banana throwing a banana peel from Brewster's cab is later recycled in the Discover Chuggington: All Aboard! short, Brewster's Song.
  • Going by the European airing order, this is the ninth episode of the first season.

Other Languages

Language Title
French Petit farceur ce singe!
German Bastian und das Affentheater
Japanese バナナはどこにいった?
Polish Bananowa przygoda
Spanish Bruno y las Bananas (Latin America)

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