Brewster's Crane Training


Alex Williams & Sarah Ball

Air Date

14th December 2011 (UK)

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Wobbly Wheels

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Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue

Brewster's Crane Training is the fourteenth episode of Season 3.


Dunbar tells the trainees that he will be leaving Chuggington for a while to travel the world. Vee introduces Skylar and Brewster is very upset and he misses Dunbar. Skylar tells the trainees to lift, pile, and remove some crates of the way, Wilson and Koko were amazed, except Brewster. Later Skylar goes to his crane training ground, and shows a pinball game, Brewster was searching for Dunbar around the depot, and he was very sad. When Dunbar was leaving Chuggington, he went back to say goodbye to the trainees. When Brewster arrives at the training ground, he moves Skylar's ball to the pinball toboggan, the ball rolls, and the worried Brewster made the way wisely to the gear elevator, then there's trouble, the ball falls from one gear and Brewster's crane car got stuck on a ground grabber, but wisely, Brewster moves the ball to the gear elevator and make the gear elevator works and finish the game. Skylar, Dunbar, Wilson and Koko arrive, Dunbar was pleased with Brewster, and Skylar becomes Brewster's new friend.



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