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“Oh no, Brewster can't do all those by himself; I should be helping him. Wait, there are two Chug Washes! I can wash them too!”

Brewster's Carwash is the second episode of the first part of Chuggington: Badge Quest, as well as the second episode overall.


Brewster and Koko arrive at the Fuel Yard to earn their "carwash" badge. Vee explains that the two trainees are to wash several dirty cars with the Chug Wash- thus, they head to the Rolling Stock Yard to retrieve the first lot. As the two prepare to start, Koko proposes that Brewster stays at the Chug Wash to wash the cars while she brings more to him, thinking it will be more efficient; Brewster agrees, and the two begin.

After much cleaning, Brewster notices an increasingly long line of cars waiting at the Fuel Yard's slope. Olwin points this out to Koko, asking that she assists in the washing, to which Koko explains that Brewster simply is not being fast enough. Unfortunately, it becomes apparent to her that she is causing a traffic hold-up.

At the Fuel Yard, Brewster gets the idea that he washes all of the cars at once- as a result, Koko notices the line of wagons picking up speed, and the traffic jam dissipates.

Koko feels that she should be helping Brewster wash the cars and uses the other Chug Wash to get the job done faster. As Brewster emerges from the tunnel, he thanks Koko for helping, to which she apologizes to Brewster for being too quick.

The trainees return to the Training Yard to earn their badges.


Rolling Stock[]






  • The turntable at the Fuel Yard is repeatedly not aligned with the hopper cars throughout the episode.

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Language Title
French Bruno au lave-auto

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