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"Honking horns!"
— Brewster's catchphrase

Brewster is a British hybrid diesel. He is an advanced trainee and works with the Chuggineers. He is one of the main characters in the series.


During Wilson, Brewster and Koko's first delivery outside of the Depot, a power cut occurred, causing Koko (an electric engine) to become stranded in the countryside. While Wilson took Koko back to the Depot, Brewster took the entire night shift delivery to Tootington all by himself- thankfully, he made it there safely. Soon after, Brewster became a runaway on the mountain after overloading with stone- subsequently being rescued by Wilson.

Dr. Ling later selected Brewster to be the first chugger to try out her latest invention- a speed booster. On his first run with it, it proved to be extremely faulty. Despite this, Brewster failed to tell Dr. Ling about said problems because of the fact that he was told that he would be receiving an award from the mayor of Tootington after his historically fast delivery. It wasn't until Hodge began speeding out of control with the booster that Brewster told Vee about the booster's faults.

Brewster would go on to join the Chuggineers, the building crew in Chuggington. After becoming stuck on the large crane while building the bridge connecting to Tootington's new high speed link, Brewster noticed that Zack had forgotten to weld one of the track sections; if Zack couldn't weld it in time, Tyne, who was drilling through the mountain, would plummet into the ravine. Thankfully, Zack was able to weld that track before Tyne broke through. Brewster's find led to the bridge being named after him.

Brewster later won the Rip Roaring Relay Race with Wilson, and with the help of Hodge, saved a ship coming into the Docks from running aground.


Brewster is young, inexperienced, generous, and eager to do work whenever he can. He takes criticism very well and always uses it as a way to improve. He is always willing to help, and while he is teased for being slow, he doesn't mind it and focuses on his unique strengths. Brewster has shown to also be jealous towards other strong trainees, specifically Tai, but in the end, he knows that the most important thing is working together.

Technical Details


Brewster is based on the BR Class 23 Steel Mill logistics locomotive. He is also based on the BR Class 55, nicknamed 'Deltic', though being much smaller, having a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement. Brewster has only one cab, but real Class 23s & Class 55s have two cabs.


Brewster is painted royal blue with bright yellow lining, front and hub caps, along with black (originally dark blue) wheel trucks. His lights and horn are brass and are left unpainted. He also has a small red handle along his side.

When working for the Chuggineers, Brewster gains black and yellow hazard stripes along with a signature Chuggineer horn and lights.




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Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Can't Catch Koko Active

A lower-pitched variation of Brewster's horn sound would be used throughout the first five seasons, with it and the original horn sound coexisting alongside each other and being utilized sporadically until the sixth season, where it would be completely fazed out.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Koko and the Tunnel To be added

In one scene of Brewster Leads the Way, Brewster is incorrectly portrayed with Hoot's horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Brewster Leads the Way Brewster Leads the Way

In one scene of The Tootington Tunnel, Brewster is incorrectly portrayed with a two-toned version of his horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
The Tootington Tunnel The Tootington Tunnel To be added

In the fifth season episode Chug Patrol Chief, Brewster is incorrectly portrayed with Fletch's horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Chug Patrol Chief Chug Patrol Chief

In the Season 6 episodes, Sleepyhead Koko and It's Not Easy Being Clean, Brewster is incorrectly depicted with Wilson's horn sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Sleepyhead Koko It's Not Easy Being Clean


  • Brewster is called Bastian in the German version, Rotem (רותם) in Hebrew, and Bruno in Latin America, Brazil, Poland, France, Korean and Italy.
    • In German, his catchphrase is, "Ach du dicke Lok!" which literally means "Oh you fat engine!" (Which is a pun on the German phrase "Ach du dickes Ei!" which literally means "Oh you fat egg!").
    • In Hebrew, he says "צופרים אדירים!" (Tzofarim Adirim, "Great horns!"). In Japanese, he says 「なんてこった!」(Oh, my!), and in Polish "Na świst pary!" ("On the whizz of steam!" a catchphrase he shares with Old Puffer Pete).
  • As shown in The Royal Chugger, Brewster's serial number in #001, meaning that he is the first of his kind. This could imply that Brewster is a prototype, or a one of a kind chugger.
  • Much of Brewster's merchandise differs from his TV appearance.
    • In a pre-production photo of his Bachmann model, his bogies are colored grey.
    • In his Interactive, Wooden, and Motorised models, his windows are colored sky-blue, and in the Die-Cast range, they were originally the same colour as himself.
  • His hobby is "people spotting," I.E., spotting humans doing things that he has not seen them do before.
  • Brewster is the first, and currently only chugger to have a landmark named after him, named Brewster Bridge.
  • His favorite car is the box car as told in Clunky Wilson.
  • He is the only trainee whose power source is diesel only, as Wilson, Hoot and Toot are diesel-electric, Piper is a steam engine, and Koko is fully electric.
    • Even if he is the only pure diesel trainee, both the Class 23 and Class 55 on which he is based are diesel-electric.
  • According to Koko in the episode Gold Rush, Brewster has acrophobia; the fear of heights.
  • As stated in the episode The Record Breakers, Brewster (alongside Hamish) holds the record for the heaviest hopper car haul.


"Chuggs away!"
— one of Brewster's catchphrases
"I'm slow and steady; strong and ready!"
— Brewster to Vee, Choosing Chuggers
"Wheels turning? Check. Brakes working? Check. Wipers wiping? Check!"
"Taking three hours to do checks- check!"
— Brewster and Koko, The Brewster Booster
"I'm big and I'm strong and I'll use my might- to learn Chuggineering and get it just right. I may not be fast but I'm super sturdy-"
"And he loves to get his wheels all dirty!"
— Brewster and the other Chuggineers, Chuggineer Chant