"Honking horns!"
— Brewster's catchphrase

Brewster is a British hybrid diesel. He is an advanced trainee and works with the Chuggineers. He is one of the main characters in the series.


Brewster is a young trainee who always likes to make sure everything is working okay, by always saying "Check". This can slow him down, but he is strong, capable and reliable!


Brewster is based on the BR Class 23 Steel Mill logistics locomotive. He is also based on the BR Class 55, nicknamed 'Deltic', though being much smaller, having a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement. Brewster has only one cab, but real Class 23s have two cabs.

When modified for work as a Chuggineer, he gains hazard stripes above his wheels and his horn is switched out. It is a singular golden horn by default, but as a Chuggineer is replaced by a silver set of three horns. The gold one is also circular in shape, while the silver ones are square.




  • Brewster is called Bastian in the German version, Rotem (רותם) in Hebrew, and Bruno in Latin America, Brazil, Poland, France and Italy.
    • In German, his catchphrase is, "Ach du dicke Lok!" which literally means "Oh you fat engine!" (Which is a pun on the german phrase "Ach du dickes Ei!" which literally means "Oh you fat egg!").
    • In Hebrew, he says "צופרים אדירים!" (Tzofarim Adirim, "Great horns!"). In Japanese, he says 「なんてこった!」(Oh, my!),and in Polish "Na świst pary!" ("On the whizz of steam!" a catchphrase he shares with Old Puffer Pete).
  • Many of Brewster's merchandise differs from his TV appearance.
    • In the pre-production photo of his Bachmann model, his bogies are colored grey.
    • In his Interactive, Wooden, and Motorised models, his windows are colored sky-blue, and in the Die-Cast range, they were originally the same colour as himself.
  • His hobby is "people spotting", i.e. spotting humans do things that he has not seen them do before.
  • Brewster is the only chugger to have a landmark named after him, named Brewster Bridge.
  • He is the only trainee who's power source is diesel only, as Wilson, Hoot and Toot are diesel-electric, Piper is a steam engine, and Koko is fully electric.
    • Even if he is the only trainee that’s pure diesel, both the Class 23 and Class 55, on which he is based, are diesel electric.

Voice Actors

  • Charlie George (UK; Season 1-3)
  • Toby Davies (UK; Season 4-present)
  • Miles J Harvey (US; Season 1-5)
  • Jacks Dean (US; Season 6-present)
  • Karina Parra (Latin America)
  • Pedro Soares (Brazil)
  • Noam Tal (Israel)
  • Manuel Meli (Italy)
  • Daniel Galo (Los Angeles Spanish Dub)


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