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Border Bridge is an old stone bridge located in the mountains near Rocky Ridge Quarry.


In its first appearance, the chuggers were having a chug of war on the bridge to settle, which chuggers would have to go collect all the dirty rolling stock from the Rocky Ridge Mines. Sometime after that, the chuggers were preparing a traditional welcoming ceremony for Mayor Pullman to be held there. However, the bridge was deemed to be unsafe, causing the ceremony to be delayed until Brewster got the idea of fixing up the bridge with Dr. Ling's experimental Chug Wash soap. Thanks to him, the ceremony could soon go on in normal tradition. Around the same time, Wilson was chosen to do a news report on the reopened Border Bridge.

Sometime later, Koko was tasked with transporting Mayor Pullman, the King of Buffertonia and plenty of other passengers to the bridge for a tour in Tootington. Soon after that, she also picked up the mayor from the bridge to transport her to the Festival of Lights. A big rescue operation also occurred there when Eddie got stuck in the air while hanging up a huge promotional banner on the side of the bridge.