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XxIsSooCool XxIsSooCool 26 June 2021



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LoganTheCarsDude LoganTheCarsDude 12 June 2021


I’m new, but it’s all

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TTTEFan13 TTTEFan13 31 May 2021

Chatsworth koko and the tunnel horn

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FinnishChugger FinnishChugger 15 May 2021

Episode Analysis: Can't Catch Koko & Wilson and the Elephant

Heyo guys! I’ve decided to start my own throwback series by analysing some Chuggington episodes here on my user blog. I’m starting from the classics; in this first episode I’ll be covering the first two Season 1 episodes, Can’t Catch Koko and Wilson and the Elephant!

Episode: S01E01 Can’t Catch Koko

Writer: Sarah Ball & Diane Redmond

Airdate: 29th September 2008

Focus Character: Koko

Other Characters: Wilson, Brewster, Vee, Dunbar, Harrison, Calley, Morgan and Lori

Plot: After Harrison breaks down and is unable to do the next night shift to Tootington, the trainees, especially Koko, volunteer to replace him. Koko teases Brewster for being slow all the time through their journey, until a blackout occurs, causing her to get stranded alone in the middle…

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ZephieChuggingtonUwU ZephieChuggingtonUwU 11 April 2021

My drawing with Emilia mixed with a furry version (Sorry for the quality, I just shoot from a computer)

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Neville productions Neville productions 26 May 2020


What do you all think of Decka? I am curious about what you all think.

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The top 5 best and worst chuggington episode

  • 1 ==
    • 1.1 The 5th best
    • 1.2 The 5th worst
    • 1.3 4th best
    • 1.4 4th worst
    • 1.5 3rd best
    • 1.6 3rd worst
    • 1.7 2nd best
    • 1.8 2nd worst
    • 1.9 1st best
    • 1.10 1st worst

Fletch shines

Eddie has time

Zephie's star club

Bubbly  olwin

Wilson and the dinosaur 

Magnetic wilson

Brewster's crane training

Wilson's wacky tour

Fearless wilson

Zephie's zoomaround

And that's my list okay bye!

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Loco123456 Loco123456 9 March 2019

Thomas and the Magic Railroad - The Lost Edition Petition: Please Sign

Hello everybody,

A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

Link to petition:

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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Luis Phillip Luis Phillip 2 June 2017

Chuggington PowerPoint

I will be making a chuggington PowerPoint and put it on the wiki!

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Thomas and Chuggington, My Expression

(The Title to this blog stinks but I cannot change it) I came to give my opinoin and view about Thomas the Tank Engine and Chuggington, and share an idea of a new train show, only I wasn't sure where to talk about this, I wasn't sure I should have posted it on this or not so I'm posting a blog about it. If you know where this should have been posted, please let me know.

Don't worry, this is not a hate message, there are some positive things in this, but I am expressing some things I wish were on both Thomas and Chuggington, and suggesting a new animated train show. I am going to sound like a critic, and nobody likes a critic, so a lot of you are not going to like this message.

I do like "Thomas t…

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SudrianHistorian SudrianHistorian 24 April 2017

Blog Post Update

I will not be making blog posts.

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Elijah75 Elijah75 23 December 2016



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TransformersGuy48 TransformersGuy48 20 March 2016

Chuggington vs TTTE











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Venz412 Venz412 23 January 2016

Question V.2

If you are a chugger What Are U??

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Venz412 Venz412 13 November 2015

Q&A Portion

If You are A Train Driver who is you chugger to ride on???

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Copyza123 Copyza123 11 January 2015

My Chugger

Denston the Coal Engineering is Frostini's Best Friend,Calley's Friend

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TheodoreTugboat101 TheodoreTugboat101 4 June 2014

Who is your favortive chugger

Who is your favorive chugger?

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ReadyToRescue ReadyToRescue 21 February 2014


Skylar is my favorite trainer for not advanced training.

Chug Patrol is the best rescue team that Chuggington ever had.

It was a good idea to put Calley on Chug Patrol.

I love Chug Patrol!

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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 19 December 2013

New Chugger

Hey Guys! Happy holidays does anyone know who this chugger is? Please don't say fake things, I don't need Cannonball Cooper or Bi/John all over again!

I'm no admin but I am just curious

--Happy holidays!! Chuggington's Biggest Fan 03:15, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

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Topizzygomezhatt Topizzygomezhatt 8 November 2013



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Topizzygomezhatt Topizzygomezhatt 2 November 2013

favorite charecters

he if you have a favorite charecter write down here!

my favorits are: Dunbar and Speedy MacAllister!

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JRCS JRCS 1 November 2013

Poll Result - September - October 2013

We move onto the second monthly poll blog. Apologies for not setting up a poll last month. I was a bit tired at the start of the month ans before I knew it, we were half way through the month, so I decided to let it go on to next month. It actually worked quite well, because we had more voters then ever.

This month's poll was about the Animation of Chuggington. Chuggington is known for it's bright, detailed, but also unrealistic animation. People normally comment about the chuggers jumping off the rails and how bright everything looks. So I wanted to know your opinions.

  • 1 Question One - Overall, what do you think of the current animation style?
  • 2 Question Two - What is the Highlight of the animation?
  • 3 Question Three - What is the Worst of the an…

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JRCS JRCS 29 September 2013

Best of Chuggington - Results

Today, Chuggington is celebrating 5 years since airing it’s first episode, Can’t Catch Koko! In August I asked you three questions to find out the best of Chuggington. We got some very interesting results.

  • 1 Q1. What is your Favourite episode?
  • 2 Q2. Who is your favourite Chugger?
  • 3 Q3. What is your Favourtie Season?
  • 4 Thankyou

  1. Snowstruck Wilson – 4 of 16 votes or 25%
  2. Frostini’s Meltdown – 3 0f 16 votes or 18%
  3. = The Chugger Championship – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Brewster to the Rescue – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Old Puffer Pete’s Firebox – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Chug of War – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Next Stop Space – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Rolling Reporter Wilson – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Hodge Can’t Wait – 1 of 16 votes or 6.25%
  • = Wobbly Wheels – 1 of…

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JRCS JRCS 1 September 2013

Poll Result – August 2013

I’m going to start posting the results on a Blog. It’s good to use the Wikia’s Features to their fullest use.

  • 1 Results
  • 2 How did I vote?
  • 3 What did I think of the winning option?
  • 4 Why do I think this option won?
  • 5 Other news

So this month’s question was: Should new Chuggers be introduced every new season? And here are the results.

  1. Four or more Chuggers per season – 28 votes /46.67%
  2. Two or three Chuggers per season – 19 votes/31.67%
  3. Only one Chugger per season – 6 votes/10%
  4. Only in Chuggington Specials 4 votes/6.67%
  5. No – 3 votes/5%

Now originally, I voted for one chugger per season. But I then changed my vote to only in Chuggington Specials because I found out that they will be the Series premiers.

I honestly thought that Four or more Chuggers per season w…

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JRCS JRCS 29 August 2013

Chuggington - Celebrating 5 Years

Hello Chuggington fans and Wikia users, in one month, Chuggington will be celebrating 5 years since the airing of its first episode on BBC Two. This episode was Can't Catch Koko all the way back on 29th Spetember 2008. To celebrate, I'm going to put a poll together to see which is your: a) Favourite Episode. b) Favourite Season and c) Your favourite Character. These polls wont include developments in Season 4 as it is yet to finish airing and it wont create a fair result.

Feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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Eric104 Eric104 29 May 2013

What Do You Think Or Know About Green And Brown Harrison And Purple Dunbar?

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Mammoths&mammoths Mammoths&mammoths 11 March 2013

Speedy and Caitlin controversy

Since the new king of the railway tralier came out, fans of thomas and chuggington think that caitlin the pikish red engine looks almost like speedy.

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Rockstar bloom Rockstar bloom 25 December 2012


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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 17 December 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and Happy Advent! :) Hope everyone has a good holidays and a happy new year! Chuggington's Biggest Fan (CBF) (talk) 01:57, December 17, 2012 (UTC)

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Backyardiganslooker23 Backyardiganslooker23 24 November 2012

my fav pictures

sorry but i cannot find my other fav picture

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Backyardiganslooker23 Backyardiganslooker23 21 November 2012

good users

i think everyone will enjoy this wiki we shall make this wiki a better place then ever

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JRCS JRCS 5 October 2012

Wiki Expansion Project

Hello Chuggington Wikia users. This Wiki has been open for 3 years now and I think it is time that we get some more users. I've already sorted it out so that our Wikia appears on the main page sometimes. That has helped us get more views (We used to get 500-1000 views. But now we get 1000-2000 views per day) But we need more users So the admins have decided that we want to get our wikia spotlighted.

Our wikia complies with of the 'best practises' section, except from one.

  • The wiki should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs. Very short articles (less than about 300bytes; listed at Special:Shortpages) and articles marked with a stub template should make up no more than 1/5th of all pages on the wiki.

Even though our wikia has over…

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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 4 August 2012

Something everyone might want to know...


CBF (Chuggington's Biggest Fan) here :), I have exciting news! The hiatus could end any time in any of these three countries: US, UK, and Canada. Today in US (where I live) the last episodes aired! In UK (around 8 months ago) the last episodes aired. In Canada (around 2 months ago) the last episodes aired. ANY DAY IN ANY OF THOSE 3 COUNTRIES! If you know which country it will air in first, or what the new episodes are called...please feel free to comment :)

Chuggington's biggest fan (talk) 04:00, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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CalleyFan CalleyFan 2 July 2012

Our Chat

A previous incident on the TTTE Wikia resulted in the removal of chat. By the time you are reading this, it may have gone back up. If it has gone back up, many users were most likely banned. Our admins here believe that the reasoning for the banning is silly and unnacceptable. We have our chat open here where we can guarantee that spammers and misbehaving users will be handled on this wiki out of the public. We can also gurantee that punishments will only be for things that have happened on this wiki. Again, feel free to use our chat if you are currently banned from the TTTE Wikia's chat or just want to talk! Breakdown Chugger Coming Through! Talk 00:27, July 2, 2012 (UTC)

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Banjotophamhatt Banjotophamhatt 15 June 2012

All About Vee

Hello Chuggers! I mean, Users of Chuggington Wiki, as we know all about the characters on Chuggington, we forget how many mysteries Vee has. Vee is an announcer who talks by a large pole with two megaphones on top. also, she has three small lights like a traffic light above the megaphones so, who Vee is?

Well, Everyone who watch Chuggington may have this question, Our Excellent admin JRCS posted a poll on the main page of the wiki this month, and the poll is; should Vee be replaced. I voted no. there a many options on this poll and I have the honor to present my reviews about the options.

  • No: I voted on this option, but sincerely, I want her to be like Sir Topham Hatt, always tell the things for the engines without megaphones like Captain St…
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CalleyFan CalleyFan 6 June 2012

Chuggington Season 3 Canada

JRCS and I have our thoughts that the Cbeebies episode order is incorrect, because characters appear before their introductory episode. The Treehouse TV Canada episode order seems correct, though, because character's introductory comes first. Here's the episode order:

  • Chug-o-Flage
  • Undercover Action Chugger
  • Gold Wheels
  • Koko's Game
  • Special Helper Wilson

  • Movie Maker Brewster
  • Magnetic Wilson
  • Toot's New Friend
  • Hodge Can't Wait
  • Brewster's Crane Training

  • Wobbly Wheels
  • Top Secret Koko
  • Zephie's Star Club
  • Skylar's Squad

We will shortly find out if Treehouse will be the first to air the last episodes of Season 3.

Please share what you think about the episode order.

Breakdown Chugger Coming Through! Talk 04:25, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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Diesel'sFan Diesel'sFan 23 May 2012

Decka the Star

Decka the Star is the first episode of Season 1 of my fan made Chuggington Series!

One day Vee tells the chuggers and trainees that Calley will be away for a while and that only experianced chuggers can do runs so they have a less likely chance of breaking down. That makes Koko upset because she wants to do work. Koko tells Irving that Speedy took his load instead. Koko has plans of her own and she sets off with Irving's load. Koko goes very fast! Brewster is driving down the track and Koko bumps into him and he falls halfway of the track on the lake. Brewster's front wheels are spinning in the air and his back grinding to stay on the track. Decka drives by and sees Brewster and she quickly couples to him and he thanks her. While Decka driv…

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2 Wheels 2 days 2 Countries

In Canada on June 4th Gold Wheels will air, In U.S. on June 1st Wobbly Wheels will air! 2 Wheels (Wobbly Wheels and Gold Wheels) 2 days (June 1st and 4th) 2 Countries (U.S. and Canada). It seems weird that I noticed that but what can I say i notice things and then write about them. Chuggington's biggest fan 17:13, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

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Daniel34121 Daniel34121 14 April 2012

Wilson and Piper

this is my second episode


one day at chuggington,hoot and toot tell wilson and frostini that a new engine named piper was going to came to chuggington,wilson was very excited,when piper arrives wilson saw that piper was very dirty,so wilson told that to vee and she said to wilson that he had to gave a shower to piper,when wilson saw piper,wilson tried to take piper to the wash but piper run away,wilson told to pete and he went with wilson to found piper,wilson said sorry to piper for the form that wilson tried to hook piper but piper learned that take a shower is not bad,so piper want to take a wash and he became friend of wilson,and the day finished good.



hoot and toot

old puffer pete







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CalleyFan CalleyFan 9 April 2012

Why do we want Chuggington UK only?

We have had comments and complaints about how we only allow the British version to be showcased on this wiki. This blog post will summarize the main reasons why so you hopefully understand and appreciate our decisions for the wiki to make it an organized and happy place.

  • The British version of Chuggington airs in three different countries: The United Kingdom (and Europe entirely), Austrailia, and Canada. The US version only airs in one country.
  • The British version, since it's in more countries and came first, more people are used to.
  • The British version is what about 90% of the fanbase prefer.
  • We wish for Chuggington to stick to it's BBC home so then people won't confuse it for being a Disney show.

I hope you understand, and if you would like t…

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Daniel34121 Daniel34121 31 March 2012

Hodge and The Old Wagon.

eddie feel bad because his house didn't had many space,hodge was very sad for eddie,so he went around chuggington to search a house for eddie,first he went to morgan's house,but morgan didn't have more space in his house,he asked wilson,brewster and koko if they know a house unoccupied but they didn't know,eddie was very sad,he make the same that hodge,and he went with zephie to search a house but he didn't found anything.

hodge was very worried but then he found an old wagon in a siding,he was very happy,brewster arrives there,the wagon was broken but they called morgan to repaired the wagon,so morgan went to the workshops on calley and he repaired the old wagon,hodge went to his shed,eddie was there,hodge said that he had surprise to edd…

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Diesel'sFan Diesel'sFan 26 March 2012

Nice Chuggington Website

Hey, I was looking on my computer at Chuggington Series 3 things to see what date the hiatus was over for the Season, and I found something! It didn't tell me when the hiatus was over but I did find something nice! I found a Chuggington website that i'd never seen and it showed my clips from the season. Even though i'd seen it it looked cool because it showed a bunch of clips put together. I think it's the Series 3 sizzle, and It has a game with Piper in it! I think it's the first game that Piper is in! It also has a game that gives you a tour of Chuggington town. Here is the website... Enjoy!! :)

Diesel'sFan 02:20, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

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Diesel'sFan Diesel'sFan 17 March 2012

Series 3


Today I got a message from my friend who lives in the US and he said that Series 3 will air in the US March 26 2012! For the users in the us it's time to see Piper, Decka, and Skylar!

Diesel'sFan 03:47, March 17, 2012 (UTC)

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Daniel Muñoz Daniel Muñoz 2 March 2012

the movie of chaggington

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Daniel Muñoz Daniel Muñoz 1 March 2012

skylar in charge

this is my first episode of my series, enjoy

dunbar goes on vacation and leaves in charge Skylar






calley (does not speak)

harrison (cameo)

olwin (cameo)

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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 5 February 2012


I found a video of Piper online!! Here it is Piper

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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 13 January 2012

Hoot and Toot interactiives are here!!

I have one more chugger now to buy for my interactive collection when it's in stock! HOOT AND TOOT!!!! If you go to TheToyShop Chuggington Interactive Hoot N Toot you can get an email when it comes in stock! Chuggington's biggest fan 04:45, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

Edit: I just bought them and they will be here in 1 week!! US people can buy from the UK!!!

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CalleyFan CalleyFan 24 December 2011


As you all know as of tonight, it is the fifth night of Hannukah. It is also Christmas Eve. It's one of those rare times when Hannukah goes over Christmas, so I guess this year we can say "Happy Hannumas"?

But as we open our presents on Hannukah each night and as we light the menorah, we have to remember the true meaning of Hannukah, which is when oil that was only meant to burn for 1 day, burned for 8. It was a miracle.

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I know many of you do, so as you open your Christmas presents and do whatever you do over Christmas Eve, think about the true meaning as well, Christ's birthday, family, and genourosity.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone, and here at Chuggington Wiki, we wish the best!

Breakdown Chugger Comi…

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Chuggington's biggest fan Chuggington's biggest fan 20 December 2011

Mery Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Joyous Kwanzaa Everyone

I am happy that the winter season is here because :)! IT'S CHRISTMAS, HANUKKAH, AND KWANZAA!!! I enjoy all three holidays. It is exciting becuase you get to spend time with your family, pets and friends. I hope someday they will make a "Chuggington Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa Special" Mabye it could be on the least season and be like a 2 hour chuggington special/series finale on Disney Junior, Cbeebies/BBC, and Treehouse TV. The chuggers could celabrate different holidays! Feel free to write which holiday you celebrate. Chuggington's biggest fan 03:08, December 20, 2011 (UTC)

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TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector TrackMaster'sbiggestcollector 12 December 2011

undefineds and Chuggington Interactive Railway

I just want to let you know that some spam comes up when you add pictures to galleries or create a gallery and it says undefined|undefined|link=undefined. Please let me know if that's bugging you, and JRCS thanks for reporting with me. Of all the Interactive Railway sets Learning Curve made, the All Around Chuggington is my favorite, Safari Park Set second favorite and Braking Brewster third favorite. Also, I am going to fix the Interactive Railway page, because it is quite messy. I haven't seen Braking Brewster yet.

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