Blazin' Wilson


Rick Vines

Air Date

10th April, 2014 (UK)

16th June, 2014 (Canada)

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Blazin' Wilson is the 19th episode of Season 4.


After Wilson impresses Jackman on his Chug Patrol Wagon knowlege, Jackman decides to give Wilson some advance fire fighting training. He brings in Asher the fire fighting chugger to teach Wilson. After learning some demolition and target practice, Asher shows Wilson some tricks with his fire hose. Wilson is then sent away whilst he prepares a task. However, when going around Chuggington, he plays with his fire wagon and soaks a tarpulin from the Chuggineers. When he arrives back to the fire that Asher made, he doesn't have enough water to put it out. Asher then tries, but also runs out of water. Then the Chuggineers pass and Wilson tells Brewster to throw the wet tarpulin over the fire and the fire is put out.



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