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“Think Safe! Ride Safe! Be Safe!”
―Wilson, Brewster and Koko

Be Safe is a PSA video released in September 2011 for Chuggington's partnership with NHTSA's "Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe" campaign on general rules of how to be safe when outside your home.


This campaign video follows the trainees as they give helpful tips on how to take the "Chuggington Safety Pledge" such as:

  • To always buckle up your seat belt in the car.
  • To wear a helmet when you ride your bike.
  • To cross the street with an adult.


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  • This is the first of many safety PSA videos to be promoted in partnership of the franchise. The second being Bike Safety Tips in 2011, the third and fourth being Street Crossing Tips in 2011 and 2014 respectively, the fifth being Tag Your Bag in 2015, and the sixth being Rail Safety Tips in 2020.
  • When uploaded to the Disney Junior website, Wilson introducing himself was edited out.